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Milestones: Newspapers can increase digital traffic and earn revenue with readers' life stories

Milestones are the stories placed by readers to mark cherished life events, including births, birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and more. In fact, these Milestones are not only a popular legacy paid content section for the local readers, but they can also draw in digital traffic.  Here is a quick review of the most popular Milestone paid content types that publishers can offer to their local community members.

Programmatic vs. direct sales: Which is best suited for growth in 2021?

The past decade has revealed that programmatic advertising isn’t the golden ticket media organizations once thought it was, but it’s still a valuable piece of the revenue mix. Nearly 70% of digital media buys in 2019 were programmatic, up 4% from the predicted 65%. This demonstrates that programmatic advertising is far from dead — rather, it’s evolving. In this article, we’ll explore why both programmatic and direct ad sales are well suited for growth in 2021, and how they serve different purposes for publishers.

Riding the wave of subscription demand during a news cycle

Many publishers are experiencing a softening of demand for new subscriptions in 2021 as the big stories of 2020 — the COVID pandemic and the U.S. election cycle — no longer generate the same traffic to news sites they once did. The ebb and flow of subscription demand is a pattern observed for decades in the newspaper business, and this blog post will share a few lessons to help publishers maximize their subscription revenue and customer lifetime value. We will use a metaphor of riding a wave as we discuss how best to manage a subscription business during a news cycle.

Sell it now: July 4, Canada Day and more

Recent data indicates more than half of American consumers expect a “return to normalcy” by the Fourth of July. In Canada, communities across the country plan to host organized outdoor public events for Canada Day, such as parades, carnivals, festivals, barbecues, fireworks, concerts, air and maritime shows, and citizenship ceremonies. With anticipation high, your MCC Libraries have the ads, images and sales ideas you need to help local advertisers capture the attention and business of consumers who are ready to celebrate at home and locally.

5 things to know about AAM’s integration into the IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry

The Alliance for Audited Media recently announced its partnership with the IAB Tech Lab to integrate AAM-audited digital publishers into the IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry, a free online resource that lists companies that have successfully completed select industry compliance programs. All AAM-audited domains that have completed the AAM Digital Publisher Audit are now included in the registry under the "Other Industry Compliance" tab. Here are five things to know about this integration and the AAM Digital Publisher Audit.

CNPA partners with Column to build long-term public notice solution

The California News Publishers Association and Column, a public benefit software startup, have announced a long-term strategic partnership designed to transform the future of public notice for the most populous state in the country. In partnership with Column, CNPA members will have access to public notice software that they can deploy to streamline internal operations and deliver a powerful new customer experience for local governments, legal services and businesses that are required to place notices.

Axel Springer uses KODAK LIBRA VP2 Plates to meet today’s newspaper challenges

The Challenge: Axel Springer needed a violet plate with the ability to run cleanly, fast and efficiently with a minimum of startup waste. The Solution: KODAK LIBRA VP2 Digital Plates fit into Axel Springer’s operation smoothly, and the easy transition and excellent performance of the plate on one CTP line prompted the migration to LIBRA VP2 on a second line.

Virginia Military Institute uses My News 360 to print graduation publication

The Cadet newspaper, the independent voice of the Corps of Cadets and Alumni of the Virginia Military Institute, went from a signed contract with Presteligence to a completed 20-page publication in under three weeks time using My News 360 CMS, InDesign extension and STATUS.

The Columbian boosts efficiency, productivity with the help of SCS and Community Ad System

READ THIS CASE STUDY to see how The Columbian improved productivity, lowered production costs, made its advertising customers happier and received satisfying customer support from Software Consulting Services.

Pandemic crushes sponsors, but Kid Scoop commitment remains

The Navajo Times, a weekly for-profit corporation wholly-owned by the Navajo People (not its government), lost many of its sponsors — a local utility, car dealerships and small family restaurants — when the COVID-19 virus swept through right after starting to publish Kid Scoop. But the publisher has made a commitment to continue the weekly page for families through 2021, with or without sponsors.

Recipe of the Day, plus an easy revenue stream for your newspaper

Families and individuals are preparing meals at home more than ever. We all eat. In fact, food is the #3 searched topic on the internet. Give readers another reason to engage with your website by getting back in, or going bigger in, the food business. American Hometown Media has developed recipes and how-to videos around food. These recipes will live on your site, display the most popular recipes trending at that time, and provide a "set it and forget it" revenue stream.

Leading local news publishers around the world are powered by Pugpig

Pugpig knows the importance of providing high quality digital product experiences for regional and local news readers. The Crain Communication Business titles in New York, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland, JPI and MNA Digital portfolios in the United Kingdom and Australia Community Media have all launched their local news apps on the Pugpig platform in the last few months. Pugpig was founded on the principles that publishing is important and that it has a great future, and to that end, local news is vital to the communities that its journalism serves.

Lineup Systems suggests 7 ideas for your next outdoor meeting

As the weather gets warmer and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, outdoor meetings offer media companies an alternative to hosting video calls while working from home (which will likely remain the norm for several more months). Al fresco meetings are a great idea for advertising sales teams hoping to get some face time with their customers while staying safe and opting for fresh air rather than close indoor contact. In this article, we’ll explore 7 ideas for your next outdoor meeting and share how Lineup Systems’ Adpoint Go solution can help you close deals from anywhere.

Buyer insights from AAM: How media assurance benefits publishers and advertisers

Chris Black, senior vice president of strategy for Zenith, has more than 30 years of marketing and media strategy experience. He currently manages several hundred million dollars of Kohl’s media billing and in October was elected chairman of the Alliance for Audited Media board of directors. Here, Chris shares his insights on how his buying strategy has changed in the past year and the importance of audited data for media planning.

Taking a bite out of your budget — through cost savings

Things are looking up as we emerge from the pandemic.  First there is the positive news which we are now reporting in our publications, our readership is outdoors again and spending money, and our advertisers are coming back.  At the same time, it is budget season and time to look ahead.  We all understand that the best leaders look for ways of saving money in good times as well as in challenging times. 

An optimized mobile experience at Our-Hometown

Since you work in the newspaper industry, you’re probably already aware that most web traffic is now coming from mobile devices. The switch to mobile has been an internet-wide trend throughout the 2010s. However, our latest statistics show just how dramatic this shift has been over even the past couple of years. This dramatic shift really drives home the importance of making sure your website is presentable on mobile devices.

Small staff finds Kid Scoop 'easy to use'

With a circulation of 4,500 paid print and 285 e-edition behind a pay wall, The Baker County Press weekly in north Florida operates with a small staff. Even so, Jessica Prevatt, the advertising and production manager, reports it’s been “easy” to find and keep the three sponsors for Kid Scoop.

Vilas County News-Review to use My News 360 CMS + Dynamic Production

The Vilas County News-Review is implementing My News 360 Content Management System and Dynamic Production from Presteligence for page building. The Eagle River, Wisconsin, weekly looked to Presteligence after learning that its legacy editorial system would no longer be supported.

Think of the jobs that can be saved or journalism funded when costs are cut

There’s little question that 15 years of newspaper advertising sales followed by 10 years of strategic, media and advertising research is an atypical career path. However, this checkered past and the invaluable relationships which came from those roles paved the way to Wormhole and the unique and interesting way to serve the industry and the America's Newspapers membership.

Automated workflows yield big growth in efficiency, audience for The Philadelphia Tribune

"We are the oldest and largest African-American newspaper in America. Established in 1884, we've got a long history," said Robert W. Bogle, CEO of The Philadelphia Tribune. "TownNews has allowed us to grow our audience and grow our traffic year-over-year. Even in the pandemic year of 2020, we continued to grow unique visitors by 24%." The award-winning newspaper covers Greater Philadelphia with print, e-Edition and online. "We also saw an average growth of 33% in unique visitors and 40% growth in pageviews each year from 2017 to 2019."

Creative Circle helps Louisiana papers launch narrower web while upgrading the reader experience

The Times-Picayune in New Orleans and The Advocate in Baton Rouge switched to a narrower web width for their print newspapers on May 1 and readers approved. Creative Circle Media Solutions helped both papers make the switch by creating new InDesign templates and libraries and offering a series of minor design changes aimed at streamlining design and production, improving readability and standardizing the look of both papers, especially on shared pages.

Case study shows how media company improved efficiency and customer relations

Times-Shamrock Communications  owns daily papers and radio stations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania, as well as Times-Shamrock Creative Services, a centralized group of graphic artists that creates ads for multiple newspapers throughout the U.S., including their own daily and weekly papers. The seven-year-old company grew from a need to improve efficiency and save on expenses. In order to do that to the best of its ability, TCSC needed a robust and customizable ad-tracking and online content-proofing system.

Mather case study: Targeted churn reduction test

A U.S publisher wanted to reduce churn from digital subscriptions by leveraging Mather Economics’ predictive modeling and email targeting capability. A four-month test showed that personalized email campaigns are an effective and low-cost method to reduce churn.

Sell it now:
Grilling season and more

May is National Barbecue Month, Beef Month and Hamburger Month, all leading up to Memorial Day and Victoria Day weekends: the unofficial start of the summer grilling season! As many consumers remain more comfortable spending time in the safety of their homes and enjoying their own outdoor living spaces, turn up the heat on your coverage of this topic using resources from your MCC libraries.

Adams Publishing partners with Column in Chesapeake

We're excited to announce that Column recently partnered with APG Media of Chesapeake, an Adams Publishing Group company comprising 25 newspapers and other publications across 19 counties in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

Kodak acquires the assets of ECRM Incorporated’s CTP business

Eastman Kodak has acquired the assets of ECRM Incorporated’s CTP (computer-to-plate) device business for the graphic arts and newspaper industries. Based in Massachusetts, ECRM is a world-class manufacturing company and a global leader in imaging technologies for the graphic communications industry. The transaction includes the equipment, contracts, inventory and intellectual property of the acquired business. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

NEW! Celebrate the class of 2021 with a revenue-generating special section

Honor the graduating students in your community — and drive new advertising dollars — with an easy, compelling special section. View some great ideas for generating easy revenue with a Virtual Graduation special section and roll out a graduation page that your community will come back to for years to come.