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NEW! Celebrate the class of 2021 with a revenue-generating special section

Honor the graduating students in your community — and drive new advertising dollars — with an easy, compelling special section. View some great ideas for generating easy revenue with a Virtual Graduation special section and roll out a graduation page that your community will come back to for years to come.

Masterclasses in building a subscription business — available for free

When executed well, subscriptions businesses provide the opportunity to build meaningful and ongoing relationships with audiences that result in significant uplift in engagement, loyalty and revenue. Pugpig has teamed up with a collective of industry experts to share with you an approach to build a world-class subscription business, brought to life through a series of free video and live masterclasses and exclusive roundtable events featuring news media leading practitioners.  

How publishers can leverage Clubhouse, TikTok and other emergent social media

Whether considered a possible threat to national security or the elitist cousin to the billion-dollar podcast industry, newer social media sites like TikTok and Clubhouse continue creating a buzz. Many publishers remain uncertain if the value of these platforms matches the work required to develop content or cultivate digital strategies to integrate them into established social media practices. Here are four ways publishers can leverage emergent social media to their advantage.

Passport rejected — A new twist in the COVID-19 passport chapter

Similar to mask mandates, COVID-19 passports — a means to prove one’s vaccination status — are becoming a political lightning rod in the United States. Where states like New York have viewed such passports as a viable tool for promoting safe in-person interactions, others, like Florida and Texas, have viewed them as an affront to privacy and individual liberties. For multi-state employers considering a passport solution, these developments command attention.

Benchmarks show importance of news subscriber yield management

Subscription yield management, which includes pricing strategy as well as tactics related to audience revenue growth, is a field of analysis that has very high ROI for publishers. Here’s why.

Digital obituaries: How publishers meet community needs and drive traffic

Publishers recognize obituaries as the powerful, legacy content that continues to draw in digital traffic and maintain reader engagement. In fact, the obituary section on, North Dakota’s largest news site, continually outperformed reporters’ stories, ranking in the Top 10 of viewed pieces of content during 2020.

3 steps that publishers can take to improve their bottom line

PAGE Cooperative, a not-for-profit Cooperative owned by its publishing and commercial printing members, has launched a three-step solution to provide its members with an easier path to access all of their benefits and immediately improve their bottom line. Interested in a confidential review to see how much you could save by buying through PAGE?

The Albuquerque Journal sees success with messaging

Late last spring, The Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico implemented interactive voice response (IVR) messaging on its website. The paper also started deflecting inbound IVR customer service calls made from cell phones to messaging. Of the callers offered messaging, 10% chose the messaging option for faster service.  Containment averages 60%.

Sell it now: Upcoming appreciation events

Over a year in a pandemic, showing gratitude and support for those who make a difference in our communities and lives has never been more important. Find valuable recognition content and ideas to secure sponsors and advertisers — and strengthen community connections — for upcoming events in May.

Free analysis of your credit card processing fees could lead to substantial savings

Twice annually, in April and October, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover announce and implement adjustments to their programs that can impact card acceptance requirements and rates. Like many businesses, the card brands held off implementing adverse changes in 2020.  However, this month, both Visa and American Express are rolling out their planned updates.  These updates include increases to interchange rates that will directly impact your card processing fees.  MasterCard and Discover have postponed their updates until April 2022, which is good news.

5 reasons why buyers choose and use audited media

The past year has been a time of uncertainty and change for many marketing and media professionals. While agencies altered their planning processes and publishers found new ways to reach audiences, the role of audits in providing media assurance has remained constant. The Alliance for Audited Media recently interviewed top marketers and media buyers to better understand how and why they value audited media today. Here are some highlights from these conversations including tips on how publishers can leverage audits to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

ppi n3xt: New service provider offers digitization support for various sectors

Tradition meets start-up: ppi Media has created a new spin-off, ppi n3xt, specializing in digitization services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The perfect ad for every target group

ppi Media offers a NEW fully automated solution for scalable social media marketing that allows social media campaigns with small budgets to finally be efficient for a large number of different target groups.

New York attorney expands his business image through Kid Scoop sponsorship

He was known just as the town’s youth soccer manager, but he wanted everyone to know he was an attorney with an historic law firm. So when the publisher of The Ravena News-Herald in Ravena, New York, offered this “secret” attorney an opportunity to sponsor Kid Scoop, Attorney Carlo A. C. deOliveira jumped at the chance.

Here's an excellent example of how publishers can market their podcasts to readers

The Wilson County News in Floresville, Texas, is a long-time customer of Our-Hometown, Inc., and one of the first to take advantage of our brand new Audio Articles Podcast feature to get its new podcast off the ground.

Online community panels: An effective way of identifying consumer trends

An increasing number of companies are turning to online community panel survey research to stay current with their customers and identify evolving consumer trends. This is especially the case in these uncertain times. Learn about the benefits of online panel research.

Stacker and LMC announce partnership to provide engaging, research-based stories to LMC members

Stacker and the Local Media Consortium have announced a partnership that will help LMC members around the country gain free access to hundreds of original data-driven stories for their local coverage each month.

Graphic Developments Inc. now using ProImage’s Cloud system to manage production

Graphic Developments Inc. has subscribed to ProImage’s NewsWayX Cloud workflow. Instead of hosting the software locally, company executives decided to use ProImage’s redundant Cloud system to manage production.

Case study highlights media company that went paperless and improved efficiency

Times Review Media Group once relied on a traditional production workflow system that involved paper-based ad tickets and invoices, triplicate forms, job jackets containing scraps of clip art and ad copy, and wire baskets that organized production work. This inefficient approach resulted in poor interdepartmental communication, process bottlenecks and delays, which frustrated the newspaper publisher’s sales team and the art department. Learn how Times Media went paperless and improved productivity.

Six best practices for growing reader revenue

Growing reader revenue has never been more important. Many of our partners have asked: "What are some fast, effective things we can do to grow digital subscriptions?" When you break it down, converting readers to paid subscribers relies on: meter, offer and promotions. While there are great resources out there, it's tough to know where to begin. Here are six steps to take to find what works for you.

Out of Office podcast features interview with former president of The Wall Street Journal

The Out of Office podcast from Pugpig features interesting people in media and covers everything from how they started out, what they love and hate about publishing and the many forces that are fundamentally changing our industry landscape from right under our feet.

McClatchy adopts Adpoint for ad sales operations across 30 U.S. markets

McClatchy has selected Lineup System’s multichannel advertising sales solution, Adpoint, to replace multiple existing solutions. This change will enable McClatchy to increase business agility by using one platform to manage every aspect of multichannel advertising sales and finance processes for all their publications.

How Modulist grew to help newspapers, families and funeral homes

Today, Modulist is a turnkey solution for newspapers to process their user-generated, community content submissions for any media type, regardless of size, frequency or distribution platform. But, the team, intuitive platform and its newspaper partners did not grow overnight.  Here's a snapshot of the last 10 years and how this media services company intentionally built a plug-in order processing system with sincerity, empathy and expertise.

7th Mather Economics Symposium on Subscriber Lifestyle Management

Save the date for the 7th Mather Economics Symposium on Subscriber Lifestyle Management, to be held May 6, 7 and 10 (Thursday, Friday and Monday).  Details coming soon.

Create, sell and profit with some of the latest images, layouts and ideas from Metro Creative Graphics

Grow home-related advertising sales leading into spring, as readers continue to invest in their nests.

Print Releaf offers publishers an affordable way to make an eco-friendly impact on the environment

Over the past six years, companies that do business with Denver-based Publication Printers have helped the printer offset more than 1.6 billion printed pages and replant more than 192,000 trees through a reforestation project called Print Releaf.  In total, Print Releaf has replanted more than 2.1 million trees since it began.

The Colorado Springs Gazette partners with DataJoe to launch Best Workplaces program

Even smaller newspapers can utilize a Best Workplaces program to create a franchise that yields strong profit annually. The program generates revenue through event sponsors that are either  HR-facing or wish to be associated with the most prestigious workplaces in a local market area. The Colorado Springs Gazette even had its most profitable year-to-date Best Workplaces program during the height of the pandemic with a virtual award ceremony instead of a face-to-face banquet.