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Solutions Partners are critical to the success of newspapers and can help your newspaper meet the challenges it faces. Meet our 2024 Solutions Partners
Solutions Newsletter articles

AP, ShortTok to develop advanced AI-powered video capabilities
Staff | The Associated Press

The Associated Press and ShortTok have announced they are working together to integrate AI-powered content discovery and video curation into AP’s news production.

Optimizing paywall intercept rates for total revenue
Matt Lindsay and Joel Medford | Mather Economics

In a recent research project, Mather Economics analyzed the performance of 118 websites for one year after they had modified their paywall strategies beginning in March of 2023.

Tindle Newspapers streamlines print workflow with Atex auto-pagination
Staff | Atex

In 2023, to achieve higher efficiency in producing their print titles, Tindle started an internal process to identify workflow improvements and best technology tools. The company decided to adopt the Atex auto-pagination solution.

Mobile audio strategies to grow engagement, audience and revenue
Publishers large and small are finding success with audio. We highlight ways to add audio to your product mix.
Staff | Pugpig

Publishers large and small are finding success with audio. We highlight ways to add audio to your product mix.

Deliver the content your readers crave
Local newspapers are under increased pressure to make the most of their newsroom resources. Delivering exactly what your readers want, through the traditional and digital platforms they prefer, is crucial to your success.
Sammy Papert | Coda Ventures

Coda recently launched Reader Engagement Studies to help newsrooms identify the topics and features that readers want to see more of. The new studies provide compelling feedback that will empower your team to create reader-driven local news strategies across all of your print and digital newspaper platforms.

Soulivity's bold move to Quintype spiked traffic by 50% in just 2 weeks
Pushkaraj Phule | Quintype

When Soulivity made the decision to switch from its old CMS to Quintype’s BOLD, the entire migration process was completed in just 30 days. Furthermore, Soulivity quickly saw a noticeable performance improvement within just two weeks. The user count spiked 50% more in no time.

The future is now: Mobilize.AI unveils groundbreaking AI virtual agents
Bill Hartford | Triadic Group

Circulators, the future of subscriber customer service has arrived, and it's set up to revolutionize your operations. Mobilize.AI's cutting-edge AI virtual agents represent a paradigm shift, bringing in a new era of efficient, cost-effective and professional subscriber experiences.

Finvi announces partnership with TCN as preferred partner for contact center services
Staff | TCN

TCN and Finvi have established a partnership to deliver integrated Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) across its client base.

The bedrock of relationships
Brian Rossi | BellCornerstone

In the bustling landscape of business, where transactions often move at lightning speed and competition is fierce, one essential element stands out as the “cornerstone” of success: TRUST.

New AP Stylebook includes new criminal justice chapter
Press Release | The Associated Press

The Associated Press has released The Associated Press Stylebook, 57th Edition, which includes guidance that is new as of May 29, such as a new chapter on criminal justice, plus additions and changes made throughout the year on AP Stylebook Online. 

BetMGM to become AP’s official odds provider
Press Release | The Associated Press

BetMGM, a leading sports betting and iGaming operator, and The Associated Press have announced an agreement that makes BetMGM the official sports odds provider across the AP global sports report.

Alliance for Audited Media launches web/social media data verification program
Streamlined program will enhance digital transparency
Staff | Alliance for Audited Media

The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) is launching an automated digital assurance program to streamline the reporting and distribution of AAM-verified web and social media data.

Case study: LINK nky modernizes public notices, achieves 100% self-serve
Emmie Atwood | Column

By leveraging Column’s technology, LINK nky successfully modernized public notices for its community, achieving 100% self-serve capability. This transition demonstrates the power of newspapers meeting the current moment and embracing the convenience of modern software.

FREE WEBINAR - Building Resilience: Diversification Strategies for News and Media
Staff | FT Strategies

Join FT Strategies for this free webinar to accompany the launch of its upcoming research report “Building Resilience: Diversification Strategies for the News Media Industry,” where the presenters will discuss the imperative and challenges of achieving sustainable diversified growth for news and media.

Unleash your sales team’s potential with AdCellerant’s top-tier trainers!
Business Development | AdCellerant

Learning how to sell digital advertising to increase your company’s revenue is no easy feat. There is so much to know about digital media, which frankly can be overwhelming. That is why proper and consistent training is the cornerstone of your success!

What’s your mobile strategy? Small screens. Simple solutions. Delivered.
Kay Carter | AdMessenger

It’s not a secret we’re all addicted to our mobile devices. We clock over five hours a day. If your business or client lacks a mobile strategy, you and they miss out on reaching a vast audience. AdMessenger brings you to that audience.

AIM Media to automate O&O fulfillment with Frequence technology
Staff | Frequence

Frequence recently announced the launch of a suite of publisher-specific tools that automate digital owned and operated (O&O) ad sales through its multichannel sales, fulfillment and reporting platform.

Mirabel Technologies unveils Media Mate: Our AI-powered media assistant
Staff | Mirabel Technologies

Mirabel Technologies has launched Media Mate, an innovative suite of AI tools integrated seamlessly into its CRM products, Newspaper Manager and Digital Media Manager.

The Boston Globe launches its brand new mobile app on Pugpig Bolt
Staff | Pugpig

The new app, fully integrated with the ArcXP publishing platform, features a rich mix of web content, breaking news, live in-match sports scores, audio, video, reader commenting and puzzles.

Practical application of the subscription lifecycle
Staff | AdvantageCS

At AdvantageCS, we think of the subscription lifecycle in four phases/stages: acquisition, billing and fulfillment, engagement and retention, and renewal and expansion. Let’s look at each and how Advantage can support your business throughout.

Tampa Bay Times to install Brainworks' advertising CRM platform
Staff | Brainworks

Times Publishing Company, publisher of the Tampa Bay Times and Tampa Bay Newspapers, based in Tampa, Florida, has signed an agreement to install Brainworks' integrated advertising and CRM platform — Stratica.

Industry trends from the Mather Symposium
Matt Lindsay | Mather Economics

Mather Economics hosted the 9th Media Revenue Symposium in Atlanta March 21-23. In this post, Matt Lindsay, president, shares many prominent themes from the event. Future blog posts will expand on these themes in more detail.

Albuquerque Publishing Co. goes live with the Community Advertising System from SCS
Staff | SCS

On April 1, The Albuquerque Publishing Co., based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, went live with the Community Advertising System (CAS) from SCS.

Kodak celebrates 20 years of game-changing process-free plates
Greener, more efficient and more stable offset printing
Staff | Kodak

2024 marks Kodak’s 20-year anniversary as the first and longest-running manufacturer and supplier of true process free printing plates in the world.

Column launching obits and classifieds
Emmie Atwood | Column

With the acquisition of Modulist in January, Column bas kicked-off the development of a next-generation experience for obituaries and classifieds that newspapers will be able to offer their communities later this year.

Bluefin Technology Partners announces strategic alliance with LNS
Alliance will deploy Public Notice Services offering in the US
Staff | Bluefin Technology Partners, LLC

Bluefin Technology Partners is delighted to unveil its latest venture, "Bluefin Notice Services," in collaboration with Legal Notice Service (LNS), a division of Chronicle Media, LLC, based in Lombard, Illinois.

Brainworks, Tactician Media to deliver enhanced business intelligence capabilities to clients
Press Release | Brainworks and Tactician Media

Brainworks and Tactician Media have announced a collaborative integration partnership aimed at bolstering Brainworks' Multi-Channel Advertising Platform with innovative revenue generation programs and enhanced business intelligence infrastructure.