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2022 Solutions Partners

Solutions Partners are critical to the success of newspapers and can help your newspaper meet the challenges it faces. Meet our 2022 Solutions Partners

Kodak solutions drive high-volume plate production at The Villages Daily Sun
Staff | Kodak

Nothing has a more voracious appetite for litho plates than a newspaper offset web press. The Villages Daily Sun, a newspaper and commercial printer in Central Florida is keeping its web offset equipment well fed on a diet of KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates served up by a pair of KODAK GENERATION NEWS thermal CtP platesetters — a combination that gives the pressroom the volume and the versatility it needs to stay ahead of a rising demand for the things it produces.

Why parents want their children to read your newspaper
Ellen Creane | Kid Scoop

All parents want their children to be successful and happy at school — and in life. The key to these two important goals is reading. Remember the giggles and wide eyes when you read a sweet bedtime story? As children grow into reading by themselves, many parents also want their children to learn to be contributing members of your community. Wisely, they bring the newspaper into their homes.

What’s the cost of not personalizing at scale?
Sien De Neve | Twipe

Seventy percent of people who cancel a news subscription do so because of “perceived low value.” Generalizing what type of content retains people is hard when each person has different needs and habits.

Michele Rodriguez
Basic design and file prep tips to help ensure success with your print projects
Staff | Publication Printers

Commercial printing is a science, with multiple variables that affect the outcome of the project. As a designer, how you prep and supply your files to the printer will determine the outcome of your final project. Of course, no two projects are the same, but there are some common things to keep in mind along the way.

Presteligence quickly implements NewsXtreme Cloud for Womack Publishing Company
Jeff Pawlowski | Presteligence

Presteligence, an industry leading software developer and innovator, announces Womack Publishing Company has chosen NewsXtreme Cloud to manage its prepress production workflow.

Why implementing a cloud-based solution is critical for contact centers
Tony Ort | TCN, Inc.

To better reach more than 65 million monthly readers quickly and efficiently, McClatchy turned to TCN’s cloud-based contact center platform. Soon after implementing TCN’s platform, McClatchy quickly saw the outcome reflected in increased subscribers and improved retention efforts.

The impact inaccurate website data has on publishers’ businesses
Staff | Alliance for Audited Media

Of the millions of sites on the internet, how many real people are publishers reaching? According to a recent report, robotic or invalid traffic (IVT) makes up approximately 40% of all web traffic. Material amounts of invalid traffic mean the data collected about what articles visitors read or the pages they visit might not be accurate.

2022 subscription trends: Top 7 trends for publishers to watch
Staff | Lineup Systems

Subscriptions, in all forms, are here to stay. Our white paper dives into the Top 7 subscription trends we’re seeing for the industry, and we’ll guide you through them, and advise on your next steps to take.

CitySpark private label ticketing drives revenue for publishers
David Haynie | CitySpark

There are a number of reasons for a publisher to offer their own in-house ticketing option. At the top of the list: Generate a new revenue stream, with significant upside potential (from in-house events, large local and regional events, and small-to-mid-sized venues).

Transparency: Your key to success
Business Development | AdCellerant

When it comes to reporting, are you seeing everything that you need to see? Transparency is key to building strong relationships, long-term success and determining where changes need to be implemented. Here at AdCellerant, we walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to transparency.

Protecmedia and Tecnavia: A successful collaboration with the best of industry
Offering innovative and efficient solutions for publishers worldwide
Staff | Protecmedia

A recently signed agreement brings Protecmedia and Tecnavia together, opening the door for interesting and exciting new perspectives in the media industry.

Lifetime value as the north star to optimize your go-to-market offers
Arvid Tchivzhel, Nick Truitt and Matt Lindsay | Mather Economics

This post summarizes our latest findings on Digital Subscription Offer Optimization stemming from extensive economic modeling and A/B testing of subscription offers and audience segmentation. In this post, we give an overview of the topic and research approach.

May 26 webinar: Our Hometown Digital Initiative – Grant Overview
Matt Larson | Our-Hometown

According to Pew Research, 89% of Americans get news from digital devices. Despite this fact, many newspapers in the U.S. do not have a website (or don’t have the resources to keep it updated with current news). Join us May 26 at 2 p.m. EDT for a discussion on Our Hometown’s Digital Initiative to get all U.S. newspapers online. 

Case study: Bucks County Herald streamlines its editorial process with the help of SCS
Staff | Software Consulting Services

The Bucks County Herald in Lahaska, Pennsylvania, leveraged the Community Publishing System provided by Software Consulting Services to streamline its editorial processes. Read this case study to see how the paper increased efficiency, improved the editing process and enhanced layout workflow.

Column has been building exciting new tools for publishers; hear about them on May 25
Staff | Column

Join us on May 25th for The Brief, a new virtual event hosted by Column. For the first time, Column will announce its latest product developments and updates in a live broadcast.

NBA and NHL playoffs: Do-or-die drama is the perfect time for publishers to start DML partnerships
Chris Cornell | Distributed Media Lab

Hardware defines sports legacies. And the coming months are prime time for emerging legends — with the Larry O'Brien Trophy and the Stanley Cup on the line. The marathon playoff seasons for pro basketball and hockey hit a dramatic stride in May and culminate in mid-June (for NBA) and early July (for hockey).

Argus-Press publisher Tom Campbell, left, along with press operators Scott Carroll and Bill McMann use NewsWayX to monitor page and plate production from the pressroom in Owosso, Michigan. With the cloud-based system, the three can keep an eye on the workflow on their phones when they’re between shifts on the weekends. No more coming into work too early for the Friday and Saturday night press runs when late sports coverage pushes back the deadline.
The Argus-Press goes to the cloud with ProImage’s NewsWayX
Staff | ProImage

The Argus-Press in Owosso, Michigan, replaced its local workflow with the cloud-based ProImage NewsWayX production workflow to enjoy the cloud-based solution's speed and flexibility.

AP launches financial literacy reporting team
Press Release | The Associated Press

The Associated Press has announced it will launch a two-year project to advance explanatory reporting on financial literacy, helping spread personal finance knowledge to audiences historically underserved by the financial services industry.

Group of tough American football players celebrating their victory. They are expressing their emotions freely. The action takes place on professional stadium. Players wear unbranded sports uniform. (Image by Dmytro Aksonov / Getty Images)
2022 NFL Draft: Fresh hope for fanbases and publishers during football offseason's crown jewel
Chris Cornell | Distributed Media Lab

April provides a grandiose entree to satisfy football-starved Americans. Entertainment mecca Las Vegas will host the NFL Draft for the first time on April 28-30. Distributed Media Lab’s sports content solutions unlock the best NFL coverage for your readers while facilitating new advertising relationships.

STN Video launches the industry’s only fully configurable OVP with the release of the next generation video player
Staff | STN Video

STN’s latest release enhances digital video player performance, simplifies publisher workflow and increases earning potential with diverse monetization opportunities.

Research shows difference in COVID, Ukraine news engagement
Matt Lindsay and Arvid Tchivzhel | Mather Economics

SUMMARY: Though local newspapers will (and should) cover global events, Mather recommends U.S. local newspapers continue their existing paid content strategies oriented around local news.

X-CAGO enables publishers to multiply their revenue streams
Staff | X-CAGO

Often the "unsung hero," X-CAGO’s rich and flexible meta format named SuperSet, enables publishers to adapt their content instantaneously to any platform with a no-touch approach offering a hybrid of their technology and service to minimize lead-time, costs while maximizing revenues.

Children’s writing entices adult readership of Nebraska paper
Ellen Creane | Kid Scoop

When Olivia Wieseler took over as editor of the weekly Gering (Nebraska) Courier, she searched for content to distinguish the Courier from its sister paper, the daily Star-Herald in Scottsbluff, just across the North Platte River. She decided to use the Kid Scoop Writing Corner … and it’s been a hit with parents, teachers and the community.

The Virginia Press Association’s 'digital initiative' with Our-Hometown
Matt Larson | Our-Hometown

Last year, the Virginia Press Association partnered with Our-Hometown to launch its first Digital Initiative — a program aimed at getting all newspapers under the Virginia Press Association’s umbrella on the web with a turnkey digital revenue model. Our-Hometown hopes to launch similar programs with other press associations in the future.

Column's goal: Helping publishers deliver the best possible experience of placing public notices
Staff | Column

Column is continuing to innovate on the experience of placing public notices with publishers. Recent innovations will help publishers strengthen their communication with clients with regard to changes to notice orders, as well as enable them to save drafts of incomplete notices that will be completed at a later time.

How local advertisers benefit from cross-channel activation and measurement
Staff | Frequence

As digital marketing advances, it’s important to look at how we can make cross-channel activation and transparent measurement work for local advertisers.

Connecting advertisers to publishers
Staff | Adlistics

The team at Adlistics knows that siloed media channels running traditional sales organizations could benefit from standardizing and streamlining the sales process. Other media formats — including out-of-home, radio, social and programmatic — have 24/7 self-service access, why not print?