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Solutions Partners are critical to the success of newspapers and can help your newspaper meet the challenges it faces. Meet our 2023 Solutions Partners
Solutions Newsletter articles

Column to sunset its free website service for press associations to increase investment in publisher platform
Jake Seaton | Column

After careful consideration, Column has decided to end its service of providing free public notice websites for press associations, effective for all partners no later than May 31, 2024.

Major League Soccer and STN Video sign multi-year agreement extension
Press Release | STN Video

Publishers may now leverage the STN Platform to access world class video and articles from MLS for use on their respective sites.

Does your community understand the value of professional journalism? Here’s help
Vicki Whiting | Kid Scoop

Professional reporters and news media face increasing attacks. To help educate the public about journalism’s role as “a watchdog of government,” Kid Scoop offers two easy-to-read pages for children and adults.

Let us assist you in generating revenue with up to 40% revenue share
Danielle Jongewaard | PopMount

Our mission is to empower your business to thrive, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch services and products to your valued clientele. Our white-label e-commerce platform enables you to showcase a range of products such as plaques, awards, photos, articles, reprints, advertorials, digital badges, window clings, banners, etc.

UNITEL strengthens its digital positioning with its new digital strategy
UNITEL has implemented a change in its digital strategy, where website redesign, CMS migration with Protecmedia, and vertical portals have been key decisions for its success.
Staff | Protecmedia

UNITEL has implemented a change in its digital strategy, where website redesign, CMS migration with Protecmedia, and vertical portals have been key decisions for its success.

Metro webinars offer revenue-focused, sales and design training for newspapers
Staff | Metro Creative Graphics

Check out the recent webinars on demand and stay tuned for upcoming live events.

RevContent + Flipp: Discovering weekly specials from local grocers just got easier
Lindsey Sacco | RevContent

Kroger recently announced that it will halt the production of its print weekly circular and rely on digital advertising via cutting-edge platforms such as Flipp.  Learn how publishers are adding incremental revenue growth by leveraging the partnership between Flipp, which has direct relationships with the largest grocery and retail chains in North America, and RevContent.

CTP — Why now might be the time to invest in new equipment
Staff | Kodak

Purchasing a latest-generation CTP solution is an effective step for printers seeking to future-proof their prepress operations. And that's not all: modern platesetters provide significantly higher plate throughput than models that are getting on in years.

Increasing digital ARPU, a necessity for news publishers
Matt Lindsay and Pete Doucette | Mather Economics

Average print subscription rates increased substantially over the past 10 years as publishers replaced advertising revenue lost to digital platforms. A similar increase in average price is needed for digital products for news publishers to achieve digital sustainability. Pete Doucette, senior managing director, strategy, Mather Economics Subscription revenue is the primary revenue stream for most news …

Mather Economics has acquired Sophi Inc.
AI-powered products and services. Built responsibly for publisher and media transformation. From a single strategic partner.
Staff | Mather Economics

Mather has acquired Sophi Inc. Mather and Sophi together accelerate the scale and speed at which we collectively create customer value with transformative products and services.

Switching to Presteligence's NewsXtreme Cloud: A proven solution for prepress workflow
Jeff Pawlowski | Presteligence

In an era of rapid technological evolution, the challenges faced by companies are increasing. Failing hardware, outdated software, costs and the looming threat of cyber-attacks have become inevitable realities that businesses must confront. In response to these pressing concerns, Presteligence has a proven solution — NewsXtreme Cloud.

5 key considerations when choosing a subscription management platform
Eva Johnson | AdvantageCS

If you sell anything as a subscription, you are likely inundated with countless subscription management platforms on the market. With so many choices, it can be very overwhelming to try and find the right platform that will fit your needs today, tomorrow and years from now! To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a checklist of 5 points you need to consider when selecting your new subscription platform.  

Case study: Dynamic inventory banners vs. static promotional banners — comparative analysis
Kevin Collins | Wehaa

The debate between dynamic inventory and static display ads has been ongoing. Advertisers and media publishers must choose between running dynamic inventory or static display ads when promoting local businesses. There are pros and cons for each medium, but the complex nature of dynamic inventory ads often leads to their underutilization.

By leveraging our expertise, make informed decisions about your real estate strategy
Brian Rossi | BellCornerstone

BellCornerstone understands the unique requirements and challenges faced by newspapers in the real estate realm. This knowledge can be valuable in guiding newspapers through the process of fixing their real estate footprint, whether it involves divesting underutilized properties, negotiating leases or identifying more suitable locations.

PAGE partner — Think Tank Media
Delivering digital revenue for publishers
Gary Blakeley, CEO | PAGE Cooperative

As our industry has trended toward digital, so has PAGE moved to complement the core commodities of newsprint, ink and plates with future digital services that its members require.

Colorado Public Radio is first U.S. media to obtain Journalism Trust Initiative Certification
Alliance for Audited Media confirms CPR’s certification
Kevin Rehberg | Alliance for Audited Media

Last month Colorado Public Radio became the first U.S. media outlet to be awarded a Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) certification, an international benchmark initiated by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to fight disinformation by rewarding editorial and professional excellence.

Revolutionize your advertising with Addressable Streaming TV!
Business Development | AdCellerant

Imagine a world where optimizing the ROI of your ad campaign happens by strategically placing ads during premium, professional-produced TV shows and movies. AdCellerant’s Addressable Streaming product can help you build brand awareness and laser-target foot traffic attribution. 

A publisher’s guide to personalized content recommendations
Staff | BlueConic

Many publishers face a common challenge: a significant number of one-and-done visitors who leave their site after reading just one article. To drive growth and profitability, it’s essential for publishers to increase the average number of page views per session.

Redefining retention: Driving loyalty across the customer lifecycle
Staff | FT Strategies

This latest report from FT Strategies and the Google News Initiative aims to help publishers accelerate their reader revenue streams by creating a reader-first strategy and culture, optimizing reader engagement and building an outcome-driven "North Star" strategy.

Revolutionize your subscriptions: Eight ways a digital-first platform outperforms legacy circulation systems
Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker | BLOX Digital

Readers now demand personalized experiences, enticing deals and seamless purchase processes. But adapting to this digital landscape requires overcoming challenges.

Lyle Printing and Publishing selects SCS to provide ad, production and editorial system
Integrated, front-to-back solution fits company's needs
Staff | SCS

Lyle Printing and Publishing, of Salem, Ohio, has selected SCS to provide its Community Advertising System and Community Publishing System. Farm and Dairy, which serves the rural communities of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, is the company’s flagship publication.

Automated weather warning texts now available across all U.S. states
Cecilia Campbell | United Robots

United Robots has launched a new weather warnings product. With automated texts about extreme weather, local newsrooms can service readers with fast and reliable updates, allowing reporters to focus on covering developments on the ground.

Let’s talk politics (2024 edition) – before it’s too late to profit
Chris Nolan | Spot-On

You may think that 2024 is next year. Lucky you. For those of us who make their living getting people elected and ideas codified into law, the 2024 election year arrived just a few weeks ago, in late August, roughly six months from March 2024 Super Tuesday.

LIVE WEBINAR: Protecting Your Content from AI (Sept. 21)
Matt Larson | Our-Hometown

Our-Hometown will be hosting a LIVE WEBINAR on "Protecting Your Content from AI," Sept. 21 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Learn how Our-Hometown can help protect your newspaper from AI scraping your content without your permission.

Frequence launches sales enablement features for media sellers
Staff | Frequence

Frequence recently added a suite of sales activation and reporting features for its end-to-end platform that will enable partners to sell more advertising, provide strategic consultative support and grow revenue.

Column and Tampa Bay Times partner to modernize public notice advertising
Staff | Column

Column has announced the Tampa Bay Times as a new publishing partner, among its latest cohort of newspaper groups to adopt its public notice software platform.

DJ Summit: Leveraging your brand's superpower of connection
Thursday, Sept. 7
Staff | DataJoe

DJ Summit is a one-day webinar, hosted by DataJoe, a Solutions Partner with America's Newspapers.