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Walking and learning and appreciating what we have
Neil King’s walk from Washington, D.C., to New York City uncovered the gems of slowing down.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

When retired Wall Street reporter and cancer survivor Neil King wanted to rediscover the depth of the human spirit, he took a walk, a 330-mile ramble to see a small part of America’s beginnings.

Teach your children
How Graham Nash is still leading children into a better future.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

As a teenager, Graham Nash co-founded The Hollies with his school friend, Allan Clarke. They became one of the most popular groups to emerge from the UK as part of the “British Invasion.” Named after their idol Buddy Holly, the Hollies began touring in the United States in 1969 which in time led to Graham meeting David Crosby and Stephen Stills with whom he created one of the most distinctive blends of voices in rock and roll history: Crosby Stills & Nash.

From Russia, with love
The incredible story of Russian sculptor Andrey and his mission to bring unity to Ukraine and Russia through art.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

Andrey’s Ukrainian mother encouraged him to follow his passion for art. His Russian father taught him to work hard. And his young wife encouraged him to find personal meaning in his sculptures.

Doubling back for a friend
Two teammates paused their 5K race to help a fellow competitor.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

On a bright fall day, when sunlit afternoons can be deceivingly brisk, Cooper Erickson and Ethan Olds were striding toward the finish line. A runner from a different team had passed them earlier in the race, bolting toward the finish. But about 10 meters from the line, the runner collapsed. His muscles were overcome with lactic acid, a chemical that builds up in muscles during a run.

A voice for our time
The improbable dream journey of singer-songwriter Kodi Lee.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

In a time when it seems like conventionally beautiful people rule the world and so much of who we are depends on fitting in, Kodi Lee breaks all the barriers. With seemingly “perfect” performers gracing our screens and large stages, it often feels like there is no room for the rest of us. Kodi Lee is a reminder that all are important and everybody has a voice worth listening to. But it wasn’t always so.

Hope. Dream. Become.
Expressing emotions in a healthy way helps us see the world for what it is and, more importantly, how we choose to engage with it. Check out these young poetry winners from the WPSU poetry contest in Pennsylvania.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

It is not easy to bare your emotions in poetry. Many grade-school kids avoid exposing their vulnerabilities at a time when they are trying so hard to fit in. But under the gentle guidance of good teachers, they put pencil to paper. Some of them even dare to submit their work.

Winning at the game of life
College football player gives up his scholarship to make more possible for a teammate.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

No team wins every game. And, like the game itself, sometimes life feels unfair. For most student athletes in all sports, the support they get from their teammates is what helps them get through the challenge of balancing work, school and athletics. The lessons learned are valuable for life.

Family of 7 adopts a grandpa
Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. But love is universal.
The Foundation for a Better Life®

When Sharaine and Wilson moved their family to Rhode Island, they already had a houseful. Five kids, a hectic schedule, a long list of house projects and a whole new neighborhood meant little time for anything else. And then Paul showed up.