PassItOn® weekly newspaper stories are available free to members of America's Newspapers


The Foundation for a Better Life is offering to members of America's Newspapers — at no charge — a series of life-affirming true stories that are available to reprint for their readers.  For 21 years, the Pass It On campaign has promoted positive values with uplifting and encouraging messages. 

The messages have appeared on TV where they are viewed more than 50 million times each day.  Nielsen Media Research says they are the “most watched” PSAs in the country.  Through broadcast distribution, the internet and streaming, they also are seen in more than 200 counties.  Additionally, its billboard campaign was recognized by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America as “... the most successful public service campaign in the history of outdoor advertising.”  

And now, newspapers.  

"If your readers are looking for inspiration," says Gary Dixon of The Foundation for a Better Life, "these messages will be rewarding.  Each week, the Pass It On series will feature a new story to, hopefully, provide an uplifting moment in someone’s day and then ... pass it on."

He said he hopes newspaper readers will come to look forward to reading these short stories of hope and encouragement. 

Newspapers have permission to use these copyrighted stories at no cost — provided they are used intact. Permission must be obtained from the Foundation for any modification. Please email to request permission.

If you plan on publishing these stories or would like to know when the Foundation releases new stories, please fill out the form at the end of this page.

You may also download all stories at once in either Word format or as PDF documents at this link.

The Foundation for a Better Life is a 501(c)3 organization.



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