Campaigns from Around the industry

Nashville artists, authors, athletes speak up for First Amendment: 1 for All awareness effort

Nashville's taking center stage in a new ad campaign that focuses on the critical need nationwide for Americans to know, and practice, their First Amendment rights to free speech, a free press, peaceable assembly, religion and petitioning the government.

New Pass It On® public service campaign available to newspapers

In every crisis there are heroes that rise to the challenge. A new campaign from The Foundation for a Better Life is designed to express appreciation for those who have valiantly stepped up during the COVID-19 crisis and to bring optimism and hope to local communities.

National campaign encourages all Americans to reflect on the valuable role a free press plays

The Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University has developed a national campaign featuring a diverse group of Americans and this message about journalism. These ads have been configured for print and online, in multiple sizes and are available for immediate download.