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America's Newspapers is an unapologetic and relentless champion for newspapers and a voice for the newspaper industry! 

Voting, publication memberships are available to print and digital publications that contain a minimum of 25% original news and content of general public interest for a local community, created by professional editorial staffs, and marketed through subscriptions, sponsorships, philanthropic contributions or advertising.

Among the benefits of membership:

  • Unlimited access to webinars from industry-leading experts.
  • Customizable marketing campaigns that promote the value of newspapers.
  • Regular editorials and cartoons that emphasize the important role of newspapers.
  • Being part of the advocacy effort that stands with newspapers on issues of importance to the industry.
  • Member pricing at resource-rich events with a large pool of attendees, speakers and vendors, and expanded and improved opportunities for free digital training and idea-sharing.
  • Industry research and white papers.
  • Education and discovery on sustainable business models.
  • Enhanced coordination and partnerships with j-schools and other industry organizations.
  • A twice-weekly newsletter (on Tuesdays and Fridays) and our twice-a-month Solutions Newsletters (second and third Wednesday of each month).
  • The ability to submit entries for the annual Carmage Walls Commentary Prize (for editorials and columns).
  • And more!

Dues for publication members are based on paid subscribers (total print and digital paid subscribers). 

Dues are billed annually, and payment is due Jan. 1.  Discounts are available to corporate groups.

Subscriber-based dues structure:

Paid Subscribers Annual Dues
Less than 7,500 $250
7,500-10,000 $500
10,000-20,000 $750
20,000-30,000 $1,000
30,000-50,000 $1,500
50,000-100,000 $2,000
More than 100,000    $2,500

Discounts for group members:

Group Size
3 newspapers 5%
5 newspapers 10%
10 newspapers 15%
20 newspapers 20%
40 newspapers 30%
60+ newspapers 40%

Become a publication member

To register as a publication member, simply click on this link and complete the membership application.  We'll follow up with you once we receive your information.

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Dues are billed annually, and payment on renewals is due Jan. 1.  Membership applications are subject to review and approval by America's Newspapers.  America's Newspapers reserves the right to modify the membership guidelines, rates or requirements at its discretion.