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Newspapers drive highly engaged voters

A powerful opportunity for campaigns

Results from the 2023 Local Newspaper Study from America's Newspapers reinforces the crucial role newspapers play in driving an engaged and informed electorate. Newspaper readers are far more likely to vote and rely on newspapers when making voting decisions compared to non-readers providing candidates a great opportunity to reach potential voters for their campaign.

The key findings demonstrate newspapers' unique ability to reach motivated voters that campaigns desperately want to reach:

  • 79% of newspaper readers vote in national or state elections vs. only 61% of non-readers
  • 66% of newspaper readers vote nearly every time or most of the time in local elections vs. only 40% of non-readers
  • 64% of Americans rely on newspapers to make important voting decisions
  • Newspapers/newspaper websites are relied on more than any other source for local government information

With 8 out of 10 American adults reading print or digital newspapers every month, advertising with newspapers provides unmatched access to a cutting-edge, civic-minded audience.

Heading into the pivotal 2024 elections, mainstream and social media will be oversaturated with national ads. By advertising with local newspapers, campaigns can effectively reach the most coveted audiences of reliable voters at all levels through a trusted source they depend on.

Newspapers drive turnout and readers make informed decisions. Newspapers turn campaign dollars into votes like no other channel.

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