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Home Field Sports offers sports and sports betting content for publishers nationwide

Georges Media Group, parent company of The Times-Picayune |, The Advocate, The Acadiana Advocate and Gambit is announcing a new division of the company focused on providing sports and sports betting content for both emerging and existing publishers nationwide.

America’s Newspapers and Google News Initiative partner on Subscriptions Lab program

America’s Newspapers and the Google News Initiative announced the launch of the GNI North America Subscriptions Lab. The program, which has already delivered significant results to other news organizations, is open to small- to mid-sized publishers in the United States and Canada that seek to improve their digital subscription revenue and overall digital presence.

Editorial: Let Big Tech pay for local news

August 18, 2022 - The audience for news is growing fast, with media organizations reaching approximately 136 million U.S. adults each week. Yet at the same time, revenue generated by U.S. news publications has dropped 58% since 2005. Between 2004 and 2018, newspaper newsroom employment dropped by almost half, according to the Pew Research Center. How can news organizations be losing money when traffic to news sites is increasing? Simple: The people producing this news aren’t being paid for it.
Automation is shaking up the publishing industry, and media companies should welcome the disruption. Exciting advances in tech — and especially AI — are letting publishers explore new ways to automate everything from content translation to video editing.
In a new article series, “Web Analytics 101: The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Better Data,” the Alliance for Audited Media shares how invalid traffic affects publishers’ website data and provides steps to remove this traffic from analytics to improve audience insights.
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