2021 Sales Compensation Study kicks off today

There have been so many changes to sales teams over the past year due to the pandemic. Many companies have downsized, more companies are utilizing part-time sellers and embracing remote work, and compensation has been all over the place. Now, as we ease out of the pandemic, companies are rebuilding and find themselves struggling to hire in an extremely competitive job market.

How can you best compete to hire the top sellers? The first step is to share your information in our annual America’s Newspaper/Editor and Publisher/Media Staffing Network Sales Compensation Study.
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Lawmakers, taking aim at Big Tech, push sweeping overhaul of antitrust

June 11, 2021 - House lawmakers on Friday introduced sweeping antitrust legislation aimed at restraining the power of Big Tech and staving off corporate consolidation across the economy, in what would be the most ambitious update to monopoly laws in decades.

The bills — five in total — take direct aim at Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google and their grip on online commerce, information and entertainment. The proposals would make it easier to break up businesses that use their dominance in one area to get a stronghold in another, would create new hurdles for acquisitions of nascent rivals, and would empower regulators with more funds to police companies.

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Columbia University announces the 105th annual Pulitzer Prizes

Congratulations to the recipients and finalists in the 105th class of Pulitzer Prizes! In addition to the newspapers recognized this year, the Pulitzer board also announced that Darnella Frazier, the teenager who filmed the murder of George Floyd, would receive a special citation.
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Programmatic vs. direct sales: Which is best suited for growth in 2021?

The past decade has revealed that programmatic advertising isn’t the golden ticket media organizations once thought it was, but it’s still a valuable piece of the revenue mix. Nearly 70% of digital media buys in 2019 were programmatic, up 4% from the predicted 65%. This demonstrates that programmatic advertising is far from dead — rather, it’s evolving. In this article, we’ll explore why both programmatic and direct ad sales are well suited for growth in 2021, and how they serve different purposes for publishers.

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