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Special Thanks to Seyfarth Shaw for Legal Resources
Seyfarth Shaw LLP has published a "Return to Business and Post-Pandemic Planning Checklist" to help companies prepare for the  business impacts arising from COVID-19 and as business begins to reopen. Read more and download the checklist
Special thanks to Seyfarth Shaw for providing general information for members of America's Newspapers about COVID-19, including how it is transmitted and how you can prevent infection.
The new guidance relaxes restrictions on employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19 but do not show symptoms.
In this legal update, William Eck of Seyfarth Shaw outlines the parameters of the eligibility for a low interest loan for small businesses, small agricultural and most nonprofits under the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act.
Coda Ventures
Coda Ventures has developed a customized sales sheet to help newspapers promote their growing website numbers, and Coda is offering to create the sales sheet for free. 
Borrell Associates and Second Street
Special thanks to Borrell Associates and Second Street for sharing their expertise with members of America's Newspapers! View takeaways
Second Street
As the economy wrestles with the effects of COVID-19, advertisers pull their spending and local media companies struggle to know where to focus their marketing efforts. But the response shouldn’t be to pull spending; it should be to divert it. Money is on the move.
Greetings from my home office in Lakewood, Colorado.   Like many of you, I am working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.  With 25 years of sales leadership experience in the media industry, I understand trying to keep as much revenue as possible right now is the most important thing to you.  I want to share some innovative ways to generate revenue to share with your advertisers during a time where most have been doing a dead-stop on all advertising.
Second Street
Sure, the economy is “shut down,” but … Second Street is encountering a surprising number of advertisers that are in growth mode now — because they know they will be well-positioned to take greater market share when this crisis is at last over.
Special thanks to Julie Foley and Liz Crider Huff of Second Street. Access materials
Audience / Circulation
In just a few days, nearly 150 local media sites have signed up to add contributions to their revenue game plans, generating significant income from readers.
Alliance for Audited Media
Many publications are experiencing reduced circulation due to the impacts of the coronavirus. To provide greater transparency to buyers, the Alliance for Audited Media says publishers may explain how the pandemic impacted their circulation in the applicable publisher’s statements and quarterly data reports.
Urge your users to express their support for local journalism with one-time or monthly monetary contributions.
Grimes, McGovern & Associates
Grimes, McGovern & Associates is  offering complimentary assessments to enable media owners to make short- and long-term post-COVID decisions regarding opportunities to acquire or exit.
NTVB Media
NTVB Media will provide a weekly roundup of television viewing recommendations to newspapers at no charge until at least May 31.

Newspapers can access What to Watch at, and each weekly edition will be available for download on the previous Friday. In addition, NTVB Media partnered with Lee Enterprises, which is providing daily versions of What to Watch that are camera-ready for newspapers.
During the coronavirus pandemic, Brainworks is helping its customers work through several time-sensitive technical issues, including: changing print publications to digital, removal of publication days altogether, advice on how to track COVID-19 related ad cancellations and how to implement advertising discount promotions in an effort to keep bringing in revenue.  Here are some tips from Mark Bogner of Brainworks that will help your support teams assist your customers during this time.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, traffic to U.S. news sites has been staggering. In the month of March, the TownNews network — made up of more than 2,000 newspaper, TV, radio and web-native news organizations — delivered more than one billion pageviews, a 51% increase over the prior 31-day period. During the same period, overall user sessions were up 59%, to more than 606 million, while first-time visitors rose 55%.
Second Street
In light of COVID-19, people are overwhelmed with news of the virus — both globally and locally. As media companies, you have a vital role to provide information, updates and distractions to your audience. While people are saturated with news from so many sources, email is critical as it’s the only message you can guarantee your audience will receive. Check out these  email tips around COVID-19 from Second Street.
Our Hometown
Due to the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, Our Hometown feels it is important to remind its customers of the “Breaking News” features supported on its websites so they are able to quickly relay important information to readers as needed.
Newspapers, funeral homes, and the communities they serve are already feeling the economic impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic. Legacy’s full-service platform has deployed significant resources and fast-tracked critical new products to support our newspaper partners with emergency obituary updates, consumer-focused end-of-life resources, and remote funeral participation.
Creative Circle Media Solutions
A new "What's open?" app from Creative Circle Media Solutions is a self-service module allowing businesses, schools and government agencies to indicate whether they are open or closed using a simple form that then displays that information on websites using widgets. Newspaper staffs can also create or edit listings through the back end of the app.
Southern Lithoplate
Due to the Covid-19 need, Southern Lithoplate has redeployed a portion of its chemical manufacturing to supply hand sanitizer.