Tips for helping customers battle COVID-19 challenges


As the documentation and support specialist at Brainworks, I have been on the front lines helping our customers with their day-to-day challenges for almost three years now.  These last few weeks have been tough for all of us.  Like us, many of you are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are helping our customers work through several time-sensitive technical issues, including: changing print publications to digital, removal of publication days altogether, advice on how to track COVID-19 related ad cancellations and how to implement advertising discount promotions in an effort to keep bringing in revenue. 

With no light at the end of the tunnel currently in sight, we are all looking for guidance and reassurance to help not just our industry, but all industries during this time.  Here are some helpful tips that I feel will bring value to your support teams while they provide support to your valued customers during the pandemic:

  • Stay calm — Be a calming voice for the client on the other end of the phone who is going through a very scary time.
  • Above and beyond support — Go out of your way to help them in ways that you might not have before. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary service.
  • Listen — Sometimes people working from home for the first time just need somebody other than family to vent to.
  • Offer suggestions — If something that used to work isn't working anymore because of the present situation, be prepared to give alternatives.

I hope these tips will help your support team assist your customers during these uncertain times.  To hear more, click here to view a video.


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