LJSA is back in the Build Back Better Act


As of this afternoon, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act is back in the Build Back Better Act (budget reconciliation bill).

The LJSA was removed last Thursday along with many other measures, but was put back in as a result of the strong support from the bill’s sponsors and co-sponsors, members of the Ways and Means Committee, and House and Senate leadership.

Dean Ridings, America’s Newspapers CEO, said:  “Our industry has really come together to support the LJSA. The net result is that communities across the U.S. will continue to receive the important news and information they need from their local newspapers, radio and TV stations. I’ve never been more proud to work for newspapers than today.”

The bill is expected to be brought to a vote in the next week or so. It is still important for publishers and leaders from America’s Newspapers to let their members of Congress know how important this bill is to them, and to thank them for their support.

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