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News industry is finding support for H.R. 7640, but your help is needed to make this a reality

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is a bipartisan bill that would provide tax credits to support subscriptions, advertising and journalists' salaries for the news industry. In this E&P podcast, Publisher Mike Blinder talks with Francis Wick, CEO of Wick Communications. Wick is the "brainchild" behind this legislation.
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The number of cosponsors is growing for H.R. 7640; where do your representatives stand?

We are seeing more cosponsors sign on in support of H.R. 7640, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act; there are now 37 cosponsors!

Dean Ridings, CEO of America's Newspapers, said: "This increasing show of bipartisan support is a great step, but it is important for our members to continue to reach out to their legislators and ask for their support for this bill and to educate their readers."

Congress has the opportunity to pass a relief measure that protects your access to trustworthy local news, helps grow local businesses through ads placed in local news media — and rewards you for subscribing to a newspaper like this one. Your support is needed for this legislation!

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Brendan J. Lyons, a veteran journalist whose stories have ranged from police misconduct to ethical misdeeds at the state Capitol, has been named managing editor for enterprise and investigations at the Times Union in Albany, New York.
Anthony McCartney, The Associated Press’ West Coast entertainment editor who as a reporter covered the legal aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death and many celebrity trials, has been appointed the news cooperative’s global entertainment and lifestyles editor.