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The New Outlook for 2020: Revised Local Ad Forecasts
July 9 webinar: This webinar highlights Borrell's just-released revised forecasts for local advertising and marketing expenditures for 2020 and 2021 and offers a peek at what advertisers said they plan to spend more on in the second half of 2020 and in the coming year. Learn more and register
From Influence to Impact: Putting More Political Ad Dollars on Your Books
July 14 webinar: With the elections now just months away, there are lessons to be learned from 2020 that will put more political ad dollars in your newspaper's revenue column. Where are political ad dollars likely to go and how will digital ad changes affect political ad sales? Learn more and register
Think COVID Flattened Your Classifieds? Think Again.
July 16 webinar: Newspapers have weathered many challenges, from Craigslist, the Great Recession, now COVID-19. Is there a way to save your classified revenue? Yes there is a way, but you have to be willing to fight the fight. Join Janet DeGeorge for a checklist of what must be done to rebuild your classifieds and make them an important part of your newspaper again. No mask required. Learn more and register
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The Silver Sales Bullets of 2020's First Six Months
Think of the difference between marketing yourself by emphasizing the features of your newspaper — trust, long history, desirable audience — and emphasizing the benefits to the advertiser. Sub in “you” for “we.”
Successfully Navigating the 'New Normal' — Moving Forward in this Ever-Changing World
COVID and culture. How your newspaper acts as people come back to the building is going to have a far-reaching impact on how your employees look at you. HR and top managers have to step up during this period. You set the culture!
Recruiting (and Retaining) Salespeople: Re-think, Retool, Respond and Rebound
Market yourself. Newspapers market their products, but need to also market themselves as a good place to work. Brag about your awards, show how your advertising works, for example.
On this Independence Day, it’s worth reflecting on the lessons the Founders have for us as we assess the role and the practices of the news media today. Most importantly, the press and the government may often have an adversarial relationship, but the government must not attempt to delegitimize the press and its work because they are essential to a free society.

Newspaper Sales Compensation Study to help publishers and ad directors better compete for sales talent

America's Newspapers, Media Staffing Network and Editor & Publisher have teamed up to conduct a Newspaper Sales Compensation Study, and we need your input! Your contribution is essential to helping newspaper owners, publishers and ad directors become more competitive — and successful — when hiring new sellers, including from Gen Z and non-media businesses.

Members of America's Newspapers are encouraged to participate in a new Donated Ad Program that will help fund operating costs of programs designed to strengthen local journalism at newspapers across the country. 
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Jeana Stanley, who joined Hearst’s corporate finance team as vice president in August 2018, died June 26 in Tierra Verde, Florida. She was 54.
Two journalists at Nieman Lab, the Nieman Foundation’s publication covering digital innovation and change in journalism, are moving into new roles beginning on July 1.