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The Dallas Morning News launches innovative evening news offering

The Dallas Morning News has reintroduced the concept of an Evening Edition through an ePaper platform — reminiscent of a time when evening newspaper editions were common to provide end-of-day updates and quick reads to round out the day's news cycle.
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Get recognized at the Mega-Conference for the innovative work your newspaper or corporate office is doing. Finalists will receive a complimentary registration to the conference so they can share the good work they are doing with the industry. The recipient of this year's award will also receive a cash prize, an engraved award and industry recognition. The deadline for nominations is Jan. 14.

Industry news

A 2020 Resolution: Tell the story of your newspaper's value to your community

Newspapers tell stories about their communities. In 2020, let’s tell our communities our story. During a session at the Feb. 17-19 Mega-Conference, we'll focus on how newspapers improve the civic life of citizens every day.

Newspaper's Harrison readers to be converted to digital

Walter Hussman has been working for about a year to convert subscribers to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in the 63 counties outside Northwest Arkansas to a digital edition, plus Sunday print edition. Last week, WEHCO Media began testing its offer of a free iPad to the first group of subscribers in its main 12-county circulation area.

TownNews preps iQ Audience+, a sophisticated, data-driven solution for audience monetization and growth

iQ Audience+ from TownNews is designed to give media organizations of all sizes powerful new tools to lift their subscription rolls and preserve programmatic ad revenue, while boosting audience engagement.

Texas Tribune is creating its first-ever local news revenue and training lab

The Texas Tribune has announced a $4 million, three-year effort to identify sustainability strategies for the newspaper industry. The RevLab will experiment with innovative ways to fund journalism, model best practices, and mentor dozens of would-be peers.

Watchdog: 2019 a 'very good year' for public notice

This year was a “very good year” for public notice with virtually no erosion in government requirements for publications, according to the Public Notice Resource Center, which focuses on keeping public notice and legal ads in newspapers.

Old is New: Tech-based companies launch print publications

Print, if done correctly and creatively, remains a powerful and unique story-telling tool directly leading to action by the reader.

Former Facebook employees are creating Cocoon, a social media network for your family

On Nov. 25, a new social network, Cocoon, was introduced on Apple’s iOS.  It is designed as a social network for your "chosen family," be that parents, siblings, extended family or close friends.  Currently it is available at no cost, but will eventually switch to paid subscriptions.

Print archives show past impeachments. Where will we go to find the history being made today?

Where will journalists turn for context in the next impeachment? Especially as news transitions to digital publishing, the best practices of preservation and ensuring public access are taking a back seat. That’s why researchers are working to draw attention to this issue and help marshall new resources to provide solutions.

Keep faith in the truth, Bill Clinton says at event celebrating newspaper's 200th birthday

During the 200th birthday celebration of the Arkansas Gazette, former President Bill Clinton praised the way the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette have provided readers with the facts they need to know.

Our conference highlights, sessions

Putting challenges in perspective: Difficult doesn't mean impossible

"I love journalism," Mi-Ai Parrish told publishers gathered for the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, "and so do all of you. I love that we're watchdogs and storytellers. We're advocates, innovators. We're business strategists and community leaders. We're friends and neighbors, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We help connect our readers to the world and to the communities we serve. We enrich and inform, delight and unite."

How the Battle of New Orleans was Won

The "pirate" marketing tactics that The Advocate employed in the Battle of New Orleans played a key role in helping the paper overtake The Times-Picayune in the fight for dominance.

Hussman encourages all newspapers to adopt Statement of Core Values

In response to requests from a number of individuals since his talk at the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, Walter Hussman Jr. is sharing his Statement of Core Values on this website. He said: "I believe adopting a statement like this can help improve our relationship with our readers as a trusted and professional source on news."
Walter Hussman: Restoring faith in newspapers

Digital-not-so-ready: Initial findings from the GNI Subscriptions Lab

So what are the newspaper participants learning from the Google News Initiative Subscriptions Lab? Hint: Something about themselves.

In battle with digital giants, looking for a 'safe harbor' in Congress

The advocacy interests of America's Newspapers falls right in line with the first topic addressed at the Inaugural Meeting of America's Newspapers. The News Media Alliance's Danielle Coffey talked about frustrations she encounters when lobbying on Capitol Hill and the latest in the newspaper industry's campaign to get a fair revenue arrangement with the digital giants.

Take advantage of a tool everyone already uses: Email

Email is a daily part of millions of American's daily lives. So why aren't newspapers taking advantage of this amazing revenue generating opportunity? News-Press & Gazette Company's Kristen Frey and Observer Media Group's Emily Walsh talked about the insights they've gained from experimenting with email marketing.

Small is the new big: Niche publications that are year-round revenue generators

What do backyard poultry, goats and beekeeping have in common? All are niche interests that have been scaled into reliable revenue generators.

Protecting public notices and the vital information they provide to communities

Many advertisers find the process they must go through to place public notices to be frustrating, Legislators what to change the law to move legal notices out of newspapers (and onto state and local websites) and publishers are doing their best to make the process work. Where's it all heading and what will be key to hanging onto public notices?

Congratulations to our award winners
PJ Browning honored as E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year
PJ Browning: Recipient of E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year Award
Carmage Walls Commentary Prize honors courageous editorial writing
Peter Kovacs, editor of The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, accepted the Carmage Walls Prize on behalf of Danny Heitman and Lanny Keller.
SNPA's staunchest advocate honored for 43 years of service
Edward VanHorn: Recipient of SNPA's Frank W. Mayborn Leadership Award
Joyce McCullough honored with Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Joyce McCullough: Receipient of the Ray Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Former Forum Communications CEO honored with high Inland award
Lloyd Case: Recipient of the Ralph D. Casey/Minnesota Award

A new champion for newspapers is born

America’s Newspapers – the association formed from the merger of the Inland Press Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association – was ceremonially launched October 6 at its inaugural meeting in Chicago.