‘Great bravery and resolve.’ Reaction to the death of Terry Anderson, AP reporter held hostage


A courageous correspondent who reported from the world’s trouble spots. A supporter of humanitarian causes. A good friend.

Those were among the reactions to the death of Terry Anderson, the former chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press. Anderson was one of America’s longest-held hostages after he was abducted from Lebanon in 1985 and held for almost seven years. Anderson, 76, died Sunday, April 21, in Greenwood Lake, New York, of complications from recent heart surgery.

“Terry was deeply committed to on-the-ground eyewitness reporting and demonstrated great bravery and resolve, both in his journalism and during his years held hostage. We are so appreciative of the sacrifices he and his family made as the result of his work.” — Julie Pace, senior vice president and executive editor of the AP.

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