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Sun-Gazette boosts efficiency by 22% with new templates for legal ads and public notices


Earlier this summer, the Sun-Gazette in Exeter, California, started using Column's new and improved notice templates for placing legal ads and public notices. Since then, their newspaper staff has decreased the time it takes to place a notice by 22% and reduced editing by 6%.  

Column's new notice templates have a fill-in-the-blank format, making drafting and editing a lot easier. You just input your custom text directly into the editable blanks of the already-written notice template. These templates are most helpful for court-mandated notices that follow a standard, legally-enforced format.

"I used to have to correct almost every Fictitious Business Name notice (FBN) that a customer submitted," said Rose Ochoa, the office manager for the Sun-Gazette. "Now I don’t. The new notice templates are a lot easier to use." Read the whole case study.

Here are the biggest perks of Column's notice templates: 

  •  Faster Input. Simply fill in the blanks of the pre-written notice template.
  •  Fewer Errors. Make quick fixes by seeing all the text in front of you. 
  •  Peace of Mind. Rest assured that the pre-drafted text is legally compliant. 
  • Better Self-Serve.  Deliver exceptional support to customers placing a notice for the first time.

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