Plan ahead for October

Content-Driven Revenue Solutions

Breast Cancer Awareness

Rates start at $110, based on your newspaper's circulation

Powered by Content That Works, the America's Newspapers release of the Breast Cancer Awareness package is now available.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, providing a great opportunity to match advertisers and sponsors with relevant content that your readers want.   You can publish the content how you please, releasing digitally, filling space in a weekly column, or packing together as a traditional tab. Once you have the content, you are welcome to use it however works for your publication.

Included in every package:

  • 6 new, relevant and educational journalistic stories.
  • 4 images per story.
  • 3 cover options.
  • Informative sales sheet to show potential advertisers.

This content is a great advertising opportunity for:

  • Local doctor's offices.
  • Hospitals.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Or any business that wants to support Breast Cancer awareness.

Rates are as low as $110 for America’s Newspapers members.  Sell one ad and it more than pays for itself. 

For more information, or to lock in your August content package, visit:

Questions? Contact Greg Watson, chief marketing officer with America's Newspapers, at:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Content Revenue Solutions program?

Content Revenue Solutions is a partnership between America’s Newspapers and Content That Works, the award-winning content creators that specialize in producing quality journalism that engages readers and advertisers. Six content packages are being created specifically for members of America’s Newspapers and will be available throughout the year. They can be used as stand-alone sections or as an integrated part of your newspaper’s content.

Who can participate in the Content Revenue Solutions program?

The content is produced specifically for members of America’s Newspapers. However, non-members can purchase the content for an upcharge (but the best deal is to become an America’s Newspapers member). Learn about membership here.

Where does the content come from?

The award-winning team from Content That Works produces the content. Professional writers produce each story, new with each release. There are no paid product placements, nor advertorial content. It is all 100% real journalism.

What will I receive?

With each targeted package, you will receive six stories and four associated images with every story. You’ll also receive three magazine covers if you choose to package it as a section.  All content gets delivered in the form of Microsoft Word Documents (stories) with images coming as both high-res and low-res JPG options (four per story).

How can I use the content?

The content can be used any way you want; it’s fully flexible to what works best for you!  All content is suitable to be used as feature content in print, digital or packaged together as a section. You can run it all at once, or over a period of time. It’s totally up to you. And, feel free to add a local spin if you want and customize the stories to make them even more relatable for your audience.

How does the Content Revenue Program generate revenue for my newspaper?

Each story is designed to give you the opportunity to sell a sponsor or advertiser related to that segment.  Whether in print, digital or as a section, you’ll be able to reach out to your potential advertisers who are related to the content. And, increased reader engagement means better results for your advertisers. If you only sell one ad related to this content, it will more than pay for itself.

How much does it cost?

America’s Newspapers is providing very affordable access to this content for members. Each content package is as low as $110, depending on your circulation size, with additional discounts for multiple packages.

What products are being produced and when are they available?

The first package is the HomeStyle Remodeling Guide and is now available!

Additional packages to be released this year, include:

  • September - HomeStyle: Prepping for Winter 9/7/2022
  • October - Holiday Entertaining & Decorating 10/5/2022
  • November - Retirement Guide 11/2/2022
  • December - Health: Setting Attainable Goals 12/7/2022

How do I sign up for the content?

You can get instant access to each package as they are released at Credit card payment will be required for instant access. If you’d preferred to be invoiced, contact us at