Advertise this to local hardware stores, paint and landscaping companies, contractors and more


The first package in the new America's Newspapers program to help members generate advertising revenue is available at discounted rates to members. Rates begin at just $110 and are based on your newspaper's circulation.

We are partnering with the award-winning team at Content That Works to provide members the opportunity to launch high-quality and advertiser-ready content packages in their markets. Each month, there will be a new content package delivered on a highly relevant and sellable topic.

These content packages are fresh and produced by professional journalists. Up-to-date and new with each release, the stories are never sponsored or considered “advertorial.” You can customize the content to publish however you please — whether it’s for feature content in ROP print, digital or as a standalone section. Run the content all at once or over several weeks; the choice is up to you.

The remodeling package focuses on home improvement and remodeling — perfect to advertise local hardware, paint and landscaping, as well as contractors and other segments.

Topics include: mapping out your renovation plans, today's top tile styles, staying on budget during your remodel and more!

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