Five-Part Digital Sales Training Program
Five-part webinar series offers in-depth training on digital ad sales

FREE for members!

Building sales teams' digital sales knowledge is a critical priority for all newspapers.  This in-depth program will be conducted by industry-leading sales training company, The Center for Sales Strategy. 

Register your entire team for this five-part training program designed for newspaper sales executives and managers.  The series, which began Wednesday, Aug. 4, and runs for five consecutive Wednesdays, is free for members of America's Newspapers. Session recordings are available to any newspaper executive for sessions missed.

Nonmembers can register their entire team for $150, including access to all five sessions and materials.  Or, become a member of America's Newspapers and take advantage of this program, plus all other member benefits.

For questions about this webinar series, please contact:

Patty Slusher, director of programming, at 847-282-9850, ext. 102 or

Our presenters

Trey Morris is vice president / senior consultant for The Center for Sales Strategy.  He is known as a leader, a creative storyteller and for delivering hefty sales results.

He has spent 25+ years in the world of broadcasting and advertising by holding every significant role in the sales funnel. He’s sold advertising, managed radio station sales teams, ran his own full-service advertising agency, been a chief marketing officer, and started a successful restaurant chain.

Susan McCullin is a senior consultant for the Center for Sales Strategy. She is known as a passionate, smart, thoughtful, focused and straight-shooting sales leader.

In the last 28+ years, she has created a successful career in radio and television sales and management. Her passion is building talented teams that are laser focused on achieving client goals and bottom line revenue. Her clients would say she knows how to get to the heart of a problem and with her business intuition and extensive media background always finds solutions.


Held August 4 (and available now as a recording):
The Language of Digital: The first session will get you comfortable with the language of digital marketing.  Whether you’ve been doing digital for years or you are a rookie, this session will help you dive into the foundation of digital sales, plus the language of digital.  

  • You will learn how to talk (and listen) to prospects using the proper digital business terminology. This session will help you increase your comfort zone when calling on new prospects.

Held August 11 (and available now as a recording):
Selecting the Right Prospects: Our second session will provide valuable insight into the power of targeting quality accounts.  How to find and qualify the best digital prospects, plus determining what prospects are most worthy of your time and energy. We will review what to look for and what not to look for, and resources/tools to find prospects and decision-makers. 

  • You will learn the skill of selecting high revenue potential accounts and gain insights into how to get the first appointment with key decision-makers. 

Held August 18 (and available now as a recording):
Executing Digital 1st-Time Client Meetings: The third digital sales training session is about engaging with the prospect.  In this session, you will learn techniques that will help you lead the conversation with insights that will help you make the connection and discover the desired business results that your prospect wants to achieve. 

  • You will learn the questions to ask during your appointment and the next steps to keep the sales process moving forward. This will give you the skills you need to know how to prepare for and provide a successful first-time meeting.  

Held August 25 (and available now as a recording):
Close and Grow Digital Revenue: Our fourth session will give you the skills to determine the best solution path and tailor it to meet your prospects' desired business results.  We will cover creating the proposal, presenting and closing the proposal.  

  • You will learn how to increase your closing ratio and generate new digital business! 

September 1:
3 p.m. EDT / 2 p.m. CDT / 1 p.m. MDT / Noon PDT  

Integrated Campaigns, Understanding the Why: The final session will focus on answering the question of why digital has become so important in the marketing mix. We will study some best practices used to impact the consumers on their journey to purchase. 

  • You will learn how to educate prospective clients about the importance of digital in their media mix, helping you earn their business. 

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