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X-CAGO enables publishers to multiply their revenue streams

  • Dutch media solutions and content technology specialist X-CAGO leads the way with its universal content format — SuperSet ©
  • SuperSet enables publishers to multiply revenue streams by unifying and further commercializing their content

It seems that nearly every month, new and exciting content platforms are launched that promise to turn content from publishers and other producers into gold. The problem is that often each of them demands new specifications, protocols and schemas on how to deliver that content to participate. Rightfully, content producers want to ensure that their content is converted not only economically but with integrity, accuracy and efficiency to gain maximum benefit.

X-CAGO is internationally renowned for converting and standardizing a wide variety of content formats to enable further commercialization, syndication and content aggregation on behalf of publishers. Often the "unsung hero," X-CAGO’s rich and flexible meta format named SuperSet, enables publishers to adapt their content instantaneously to any platform with a no-touch approach offering a hybrid of their technology and service to minimize lead-time, costs while maximizing revenues.

In early 2019, X-CAGO defined and developed their umbrella SuperSet XML-format that actively observes and supports all major data protocols defined by major eKiosks, including but not limited to Apple News +, Amazon, Google News, Zinio, Cafeyn, United-Kiosk & JellyfishConnect. Similarly, the Superset enables seamless ingestion for B2B partners including PMG, LexisNexis, Dow Jones, Newsbank, Factiva and a myriad of other Media Monitoring Organizations (MMO’s), app providers and publishers. While each of these import protocols and schemas differ in scope and complexity, the X-CAGO format is so comprehensive that it can easily be used for conversion to these and other less sophisticated XML formats and JSON schemas. Coupled with X-CAGO’s robust Enterprise Content Management Platform, named Archive ExPress, developed in close co-operation with leading publishers — publishers are provided with an unparalleled platform for storing, distributing, searching, analyzing and organizing content efficiently and securely. 

X-CAGO distinguishes itself from its competitors — combining Archive ExPress with the proprietary Superset output format to normalize, store and make available publisher content for (re)distribution to a variety of (digital) channels, in different formats and — if desired — translated into different languages. X-CAGO currently processes and deconstructs in excess of 5,000 different newspaper and magazine titles for content specialists the world over. 

In June 2021, X-CAGO became an important part of the PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH family. PMG has the largest daily press database in the German-speaking world and is a leading provider of digital media monitoring, press review creation and media evaluation. Welcoming X-CAGO to the PMG family, PMG will complement its extensive range of content and rights marketing services for publishers and position itself more broadly as a service provider for the content management of clients including media houses, publishers and media monitoring companies.

To find about more about the SuperSet and all the other services X-CAGO offers, please contact X-CAGO at to set-up a web call.


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