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Think of the jobs that can be saved or journalism funded when costs are cut


There’s little question that 15 years of newspaper advertising sales followed by 10 years of strategic, media and advertising research is an atypical career path. However, this checkered past and the invaluable relationships which came from those roles paved the way to Wormhole and the unique and interesting way to serve the industry and the America's Newspapers membership. Perhaps one (or more) of the following will resonate?

  • An intuitive and laser quick local business prospecting engine that also suggests verbiage designed to get the attention of prospects. Clients have reported improved appointment setting percentages between 20% and 60%! Could anything be more important or timely than talking to prospects with any eye toward growing out of these times?
  • A unique community collaboration platform that just might save democracy. How? By creating a totally new and significant income stream! Imagine if you had deployed such a platform in your community 20 years ago — well before Facebook came to dominate social media. FB isn’t going anywhere, but only local media can regularly interact with local merchants; this supports those efforts beautifully! Hyperbole aside, this could be special!
  • If “clickbait” is driving you (as it certainly is your customers!) crazy, let’s replace some of those widgets with a more appealing solution that will drive comparable revenues, yet support and enhance your brand!
  • Wormhole is a referral partner to a company that can save 50% of your adjustable merchant processing fees and perhaps even 100%. You read that right! There’s an interesting back story as to how this is possible, so I look forward to sharing it. Think of the jobs that can be saved or journalism to be funded when such a cost of doing business is eliminated. Savings will be in the tens of thousands for smaller operations, well into the millions for larger metros or groups. And the transition is far easier than you expect!
  • Research. Good old fashioned find the “gaps” to fill, needs to be addressed, jobs to be done and behaviors to understand research! Captured via a host of contemporary methodologies. Thanks to my Belden roots, I dust off abacus and slide rule every now-and-then and do just that. Good things almost inevitably happen when you ask customers how to better serve them.

This smorgasbord of consulting services should be prioritized and/or mixed-and-matched based upon your most pressing needs. WHEN done well you can expect at least three good outcomes:

1. Your business will grow.

2. Expenses reduced.

3. Profit increased!

I’m ready to serve, so let’s visit soon!

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