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Automated weather warning texts now available across all U.S. states


United Robots has launched a new weather warnings product. The automatically updated texts on extreme weather conditions are now live at a few U.S. news sites. The weather warning updates are based on data from the National Weather Service, and include a full range of events (100+) including: phenomena like Excessive heat warning, Severe thunderstorm warning, Rip current statement, Flash flood warning, Tornado warning, Fire weather watch and Dense fog advisory, to mention a few.

United Robot’s mission is to empower local publishers so that they can better serve their local communities through relevant content. The use case for this automated AI content is essentially the same as for our year-old Hurricane product: With automated texts about extreme weather, local newsrooms can service readers with fast and reliable updates, allowing reporters to focus on covering developments on the ground.

That's what happened when we built the Hurricane bot in collaboration with McClatchy, ahead of the arrival of 2022’s Hurricane Ian, the deadliest hurricane to strike Florida since 1935. We used data from the National Hurricane Center and quickly created updated articles. Cynthia DuBose, VP Audience Growth and Content Monetization at McClatchy, points out that the robot-written updates meant reporters could focus on the quality journalism: “Our journalists reported evacuations, city preparedness, other efforts. That’s journalism that cannot be replaced by a robot.”

The value weather warnings create for readers (and publishers)

We know from local publishing partners how important it is to publish content and provide a service that fulfills a need for local readers. Proactively publishing weather warnings is a perfect example of meeting a local need and can benefit both your audience and your brand:

  • Safety. Weather warnings can help keep website visitors safe during potentially dangerous weather conditions.
  • Building brand and trust. Providing weather warnings can build trust with customers and demonstrate your commitment to safety and preparedness, and by extension strengthen your brand.
  • Driving engagement. Weather warnings can provide a way to engage with website visitors by offering useful information and resources — even more so if you provide a push notification service that people can subscribe to.
  • Driving traffic. Weather warnings can drive website traffic by providing valuable information that people may be searching for during a weather event.
  • Creating habit. The extension of the above point is that local readers will know to visit your site when they look for extreme weather updates.
  • Free up journalists' time. With automated updates on extreme weather, your reporters can focus on covering events on the ground instead of tracking and reporting on forecasts.

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