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Five quick tips to help you grow reader revenue with email newsletters


Good email structure and reader-friendly styling can improve your user’s experience while helping you achieve your reader revenue goals. Here are five easy ways to make the most of email newsletters.

1. Use your logo and brand colors

From Gmail to Outlook to web browsers, readers see your email in a variety of inboxes. By featuring your logo at the top of your email newsletter, you’ll give a nice frame of reference for your readers. Using brand colors throughout creates a visual connection to your site no matter the inbox.

2. Add a newsletter title

Including a newsletter title helps your readers know the topic of the email whether it’s breaking news, sports or weekly specials. This can be in the subject line or newsletter header. A strong title also reminds readers what they’ve opted into, and helps lower unsubscribe rates.

3. Include advertising

Well-placed ads that fit the topic of your email can generate income without being distracting. Determining the best mix of locally sold ads, programmatic ads or sponsorships can maximize revenue for your newsletters.

To learn more about programmatic ads for BLOX Email Reach, contact your sales representative.

4. Make it easy to scan

Effective email newsletters typically have a large featured story graphic with stacked stories below. Because the stacked stories are brief, users can easily scan for the articles they want to read. This structure also allows for more content to be included in the newsletter.

5. Use brief descriptions with links

By giving brief, compelling descriptions, you’ll entice your readers to click through to your articles, driving more traffic to your website. Keeping teasers brief also reduces your email sizes, helping them glide past spam filters to more inboxes.

Those are just a few easy techniques for boosting open rates, click-thrus and revenue from your email campaigns. For more tips on growing reader revenue, view a recording of our Best Practices for Growing Reader Revenue webinar HERE.

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