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Case study shows how media company improved efficiency and customer relations


Times-Shamrock Communications  owns daily papers and radio stations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania, as well as Times-Shamrock Creative Services, a centralized group of graphic artists that creates ads for multiple newspapers throughout the U.S., including their own daily and weekly papers. The seven-year-old company grew from a need to improve efficiency and save on expenses. In order to do that to the best of its ability, TCSC needed a robust and customizable ad-tracking and online content-proofing system.

“We needed a system that when an artist sat down to begin designing, he or she could do things so fast, efficient, and quick that he or she would have nothing to do but focus on the ad, concentrate on creating quality design, and get it done and back to the customer,” said Rob Jones, managing director of TSCS.

Additionally, the ad track system’s communication needed to be efficient, effective and easy for customers to use.

Learn how Times-Shamrock improved efficiency and customer relations and set up a mirrored server environment.