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The Newspaper Manager is the premiere all-in-one marketing automation and CRM software created specifically for newspapers. 

Designed for publishers by publishers, The Newspaper Manager is capable of handling any functions a media company could ever need, including: contact management, billing and accounts receivables, project management, sales management, ad sales management, audience development, marketing and more! 

With our continued development, we aim to increase usability and efficiency for our customers. Here’s an overview of some of the exciting new features we have recently released as well as some features we are currently working on. 

Recently, we introduced some new features in our rate card functionality. We added the ability to copy GL codes, sales rep commissions and QuickBooks account settings when copying a rate card. We also added the ability to update the installment and billing date using our batch order update tool. 

On our production module, we’ve recently released a host of new search capabilities and have begun work on a “board view” which is a popular project management tool for tracking jobs and tasks.

Continuing on the production side, we are beginning work on some new features in Digital Studio (our flatplanning tool) that will allow for placement of multiple page spreads. Work is also underway for an Adobe InDesign integration that will communicate seamlessly with Digital Studio. 

On the accounting front, in about a week we’ll release a new powerful multi-currency functionality that will make it easier for our clients to bill in foreign currencies. This is a really powerful module that handles very complicated functions and should make life much easier for clients who work in multiple countries. 

Also in the world of accounting, we’ve expanded our payment plan functionality into our statements so that you will now be able to use the statements for both conventional invoices and payment plan installment invoices

And our last new accounting feature is an integration with AdCellerant, a programmatic advertising vendor. This is underway and we hope to have it completed in a few weeks. We plan to follow that up with an integration with Google Ad Manager in our continued effort to expand our digital integrations. 

In addition to the continuous development of The Newspaper Manager, we are also working to improve our new recurring revenue platform, ChargeBrite, and our advanced marketing automation software, The Marketing Manager, which both seamlessly integrate into our CRM. 

For ChargeBrite, we have recently released a number of exciting features, including the capability to send subscription data to Quickbooks as well as a myriad of subscription workflow triggers and date-based workflows to automate subscription-related messaging. 

We’ve also recently released updates to our checkout forms and pages to allow users to completely customize any display settings including fonts (colors, sizes and family), background colors, borders and styling options. This weekend, we are releasing our newest update: the ability to select and purchase multiple subscription plans through a checkout page at a time. 

For The Marketing Manager, we have recently released a number of additional workflow options and triggers including the new date-based workflow: Ad Material Deadline Date. We’ve also released a number of enhancements to our landing page builder and our email builder as well as additional customization options to our form builder. 

Over the next few weeks, we plan to continue enhancing our workflows engine with additional conditions for our Orders Workflows, a new "action" to post to an external webhook and a detailed workflow history to list all user actions in a workflow. 

We are also working to add a Chrome extension to show email activity and give users the option to "copy to CRM" as a note on a contact page. 

These are only a few of the many exciting new features we have planned. As we continuously work to improve our software, digital integrations and production management workflows to handle digital ad agency functions are our two top priorities for 2022.

To find out more about all that The Newspaper Manager has to offer, please visit our website, or feel free to contact our National Sales Manager, Greg Booras, to schedule a free demo of our software. He can be reached at 706-750-0016 or