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Do you need an organized approach to growing advertising revenue?


Tactician Media revenue data analytics and consulting services support publishers in all market sizes to help them identify advertising cross-selling opportunities and new business prospects in print and digital.

Recent successes from publishers using our programs include closing a $40,000 annual contract with a regional hospital group by demonstrating their print and digital audience penetration in the two counties the hospital marketing director wanted to target.

See what our publishers are saying about our data and services:

“This intel gave us enough ammunition to present our case to the agency and as a result we were able to secure an annual agreement for 42 drops … for a total initial investment of $65,000.  It goes without saying that this was a big win for us as we were expecting to lose the business altogether when the store closed. I know I don't have to say what everyone in the organization knows already, but you have been an invaluable partner, and your expertise and attentiveness is without match, and I'm so glad we have you in our corner.”

We focus on improving revenue growth strategies with your sales teams on the following metrics:

  • Upsell existing advertisers across more of your products and markets.
  • Identify categories of business that are growing print, digital and web services ad revenues with other publishers and how your revenue performance compares.
  • Identify print and digital advertisers running with other publishers and not with you.
  • Demonstrate your combined print and digital audience penetration at the ZIP code level to your customers to help them get a better result on their advertising campaigns with you.
  • Provide your sales team with professional maps and proposals designed to close business.

Our Business Intelligence programs support these strategies.  Along with DigitalZip, we then help the sales team tell the story with your print and digital audience penetration AT THE ZIP CODE Level. This includes custom maps, thousands of business locations and data variables including demographics and consumer expenditures for every ZIP in your market.   Most times, an ROP ad on your best print day might reach 20% of adults within an advertiser’s targeted radius but adding your website and e-edition unique users in that same geography typically at least DOUBLES your penetration.

We also include voting districts in all markets to demonstrate your combined print plus digital reach against registered voters to candidates and political agencies.

Basically, we help sales teams identify opportunities and work together to close business.  If you would like to hear more about how we help our clients, and how we can help you, let’s talk.

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