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Is your organization ready to report digital circulation at the ZIP code level?


The AAM Audit update — effective September 2023 — introduces a new option for U.S. newspapers to report digital circulation by ZIP code in the one-day gross distribution section of AAM reports. This allows publishers to provide detailed information about the distribution of digital replica and non-replica copies based on readers' home or billing addresses.

In line with this update, Tactician Media offers DigitalZip, a program that analyzes website and e-edition circulation and audience counts at a ZIP code level updated monthly. Hundreds of publishers already use ZIP level circulation counts for websites and electronic editions through the Tactician Media DigitalZip system. This allows newspapers to track and present their print and digital circulation data in a more granular and geographically targeted manner. This information can be valuable to advertisers, as it allows them to better understand the newspaper's total reach and the specific geographic areas it covers.

Even if a newspaper is not audited by AAM, preparing and presenting digital and print circulation counts at a ZIP code level can help it effectively compete with other newspapers that are AAM-audited.

If your organization does not currently have a process to provide such ZIP-level data to advertisers, or the ability to analyze your digital audience gain/loss trends by ZIP code, Tactician Media can help.  Let’s schedule a brief call to discuss how you can benefit from this approach.

Lisa Szal
VP Client Strategy