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Plan now to develop strategies for Q4 healthcare advertising and revenue


With agencies and advertisers now planning Q3 and Q4 media buys, including promotion of open enrollment supplemental insurance to consumers, how is your organization positioned to develop your share of revenue allocated to publishers in print and digital?

Healthcare is the largest newspaper spending category, comprising 16% of overall spending — more than all the major retail categories that dominated spending in the past. How much of your advertising revenue is allocated to this vertical?


From our proprietary national database of publishers’ advertising revenue transactions, we have produced a key insights report on this important advertising vertical. Some of the highlights are below:

  • Healthcare spending is heavily weighted toward ROP (66.89%), with a sizeable investment in Digital (23.24%), and a smaller allocation to Insert (9.87%).
  • While Healthcare ranks fifth among key Insert verticals, it dominates ROP and Digital, comprising 20% of the spending in each channel.
  • The top 20 multi-market and national Healthcare advertisers showing gains, based on year-over-year spending and percentage gains, provide an excellent list of the highest potential prospects. Notably, most of the largest gainers appear on both lists.
  • The top 25 national/multi-market vary by media channel, providing a more comprehensive view of the best Healthcare prospects in each channel.
  • Observing national spending trends by key vertical, and the performance of key national and regional advertisers will support an effective business development strategy.


  • Has your sales team developed a prospect list of regional hospitals, physicians’ groups, university medical centers, Medicare supplemental insurance providers in your state and any related businesses in your market?
  • Do you have an agency-friendly file of your print and digital products by ZIP code to send to them so that when they are looking for publishers in the geographies (ZIP code, city, county, DMA, state) targeted by their advertiser, you will show up as an option for their media plan? If you are not in their publisher database, you risk being left out of a buy. Agencies are struggling with time-efficiencies and staffing challenges so making it easy to find you is critical to success.
  • Can you demonstrate the value and composition of your market against the advertiser’s consumer target (age, income, medical expenditures)?
  • How do your print and digital products penetrate the households and audience by ZIP code in their target market where you distribute?
  • Tactician Media provides publishers with these custom components for their markets.

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If you would like a copy of Tactician Media’s HEALTHCARE SPENDING TRENDS AND TOP ADVERTISER ANALYSIS, including rate insights for publishers only, please email Lisa Szal, VP client strategy, at