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3 ways to increase engagement with data journalism


Lists have a bad rap. You know the ones we’re talking about — lists that don’t have a methodology, are based solely on the opinion of the writer, or lack journalistic value entirely. 

At Stacker, we approach lists differently. We see them as the vehicle for making research-driven data journalism more accessible. Lists are a storytelling format we use in order to convey the complex analyses that our newsroom performs each day. 

Here are three ways you can increase engagement on your digital platforms using Stacker’s data-focused lists: 

  1. Follow the calendar. Stacker’s editorial team stays ahead of the news cycle and begins planning around holidays, anniversaries and major events months in advance because we know you do the same thing. Our forward-looking planner will always inform you of the stories we’re producing a month in advance, and we give you plenty of time to incorporate our stories into your editorial budget. For example, in November, we have stories in honor of Native American Heritage Month, Major League Baseball playoffs and holiday travel.
  2. Supplement your top stories with evergreen content. As editors, you’re often looking for the second or third-day story. Or, you’re looking to publish related articles that increase recirculation on your site. For example, this story on Sitting Bull’s great-grandson is immediately followed by a Stacker story, Places in the United States with Native American meanings. Adding more contextual pieces from a newswire is a simple and reliable way to increase reader engagement.
  3. Stay local. We know how important local, factual coverage is to your readers. Stacker has recently expanded its coverage to include content for all 50 states and 384 metros. We cover everything from maternal health care and food stamp usage to relocation and beer by customizing stories to put their state’s or city’s data front and center.

Stacker stories are free for any local newsroom and are supported by our other revenue streams, including Stacker Studio. Get in touch today with one of these two methods: 

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