Solutions Roundtables at Mega Conference help media executives tackle industry challenges

Monday, April 15 – 12:45 – 2:30 p.m.
For newspaper executives only, plus table hosts


During this fast-paced session, select from the following Solutions Roundtables to attend.  This session provides attendees with the opportunity to meet in a no-pressure, small group environment with a variety of companies that will provide overviews of how their products tackle some of today’s challenges. This popular session — which is only open to newspaper attendees and the table hosts — will provide valuable information to develop strategic plans.


16 Great Options to Choose From:


Audience:  Want a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card? Come see us at the Audience roundtable! Our products include a Best Of platform, contesting tools, CDP, email and more! Each feature is designed to increase your revenue, first-party data and audience engagement! We’ll be highlighting our 12+ products, plug-and-play templates, and support to show how we can help you reach your unique goals.

BellCornerstone: Come talk Real Estate with the Pros @ BellCornerstone and you’ll walk away with some good information about how to reduce your occupancy expenses, analyze your current real estate footprint, ways to monetize excess space, and an overview of current market conditions. BellCornerstone has helped 1,000+ newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. Stop by for a discussion about your commercial real estate.

CitySpark: CitySpark (which now includes SceneThink) provides revenue-generating, audience engagement platforms for publishers, including: Local Events, Best Of/Readers Choice, Photo Contests, Private Label Ticketing and Business Collections. Come learn how each of these market-leading platforms can help your team by providing engaging content, generating new revenue and building audience profiles.

Column: We're building the next-generation experience for obituaries and classifieds, and we want to hear your big ideas for these categories. Come learn how our software engineers and product designers are working with our publishing partners to design a modern customer experience, leverage AI-enabled tools and more. Long story short, Column supports more than just public notices now!

Creative Circle Media Solutions: Don't follow the simplistic themes you hear at conferences like “We’re local first” or “We’re digital first.” That's failure mode. Creative Circle gives you smarter options. We help publishers start or grow print products. We help communities come together to preserve local news. We've built a better web CMS that focuses on the things you can do well. Winning isn't easy, but we make it possible.

Elite Insights: Meet with us today and we’ll help your business run an effective "Best Of" campaign that generates leads, increases revenue, optimizes operations and engages the community in a fun and positive way. Self-manage your own program utilizing our comprehensive best-in-class software platform; or, partner with us and let us produce the program for you. Let's discuss the best fit for your business model.

Enghouse Interactive: Hearst, Lee, Gannett, Postmedia, TorStar, Newsday, WSJ and The Seattle Times know that VoicePort IVRs CircPort and Chatterbox (from Enghouse Interactive) are the gateways to enhanced Customer Experience (CX). Learn about AI, Self-Service, CCaaS, QMS and SmartDial, which: optimize and reduce costs, are available 24x7x365, are fully integrated with Naviga, and enable on-premise or remote agents.

Jobcase (formerly Recruitology): Join us for a roundtable session on how Jobcase can revitalize your recruitment vertical. Discover how we empower organizations to regain market share, boost revenue and achieve outstanding outcomes for local employers. Learn about our white-labeled job boards and distribution to leading platforms like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Seize the chance to unlock your company's recruitment potential!

King Features: How Offering More Entertainment Content Can Drive Subscriber Engagement and Ad Revenue – As publishers continue to experiment with the science of habit formation as a way to strengthen relationships with readers, our roundtable will explore the ways in which comics, puzzles, videos and other entertainment content can help to reinforce reader habits and generate new revenue opportunities.

Monster: Partnering with Monster increases revenue and boosts your owned and operated product sales while expanding your digital solutions portfolio. With AI/Automation solutions, extended reach to diverse and niche audiences, data insights and national exposure, Monster is the partner you need to grow your business exponentially. Meet with us to learn about exciting new solutions to grow your business.

NERUS Strategies: Engaging new audience has never been more crucial. "Best Of" contests from NERUS Strategies are meticulously managed, deliver digital engagement and introduce new digital revenue. Results are beautifully delivered online and in magazines. Learn how our turn-key solutions will help bring back and grow business. Even if you already have a program, this may be the most profitable 10 minutes at Mega.

Newzware - ICANON: After your initial purchase, Newzware continues to enhance its many modules to improve the end-user experience. Visit with us to review customer support in action and a sample of on-going solution improvements.

OnPremise Network: Let us show you how OnPremise Networks can build a retail TV network in your local market for you. We place TVs in restaurants, gyms and coffee shops and provide tools for your paper to play news and ads in video format on the TVs. One of our customers will explain how this turn-key OOH solution generates new readers and revenue. Reach half the home locations in your market with no upfront costs!

OwnLocal: AI and the Future of Local Newspapers: Continued Q&A and Deeper Discussion from Main Session:
How One Newspaper Group is Leveraging AI to Expand Hyperlocal Reach, Enhance Reader Engagement and Unlock New Advertising Opportunities. Discuss strategy, technology, productization, partnerships and future opportunities. Hosted by OwnLocal, featuring technology partners MeSearch and Trib Total Media.

Seyfarth Shaw: Meet with Camille Olson and Rachel See, who will help your business by discussing the hottest legal topics for newspaper executives, including the use of Artificial Intelligence and the impact of the 2024 election cycle. Hear about Seyfarth’s legal strategies to optimize the risks facing your newspaper today. (Camille A. Olson: and Rachel See:

Spot-On: Spot-On’s Pinpoint Persuasion automated direct-buying platform helps publishers market their local news sites to political and advocacy organizations looking to speak directly to voters. P3s allows buyers to find the news sites that serve the election districts they want to reach, preserves publishers’ political rates and gives buyers as well as sellers full transparency for the entire transaction.