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CDO Magazine experiences surge in user count and organic traffic following its transition to Quintype


“We were facing a lack of consistent and full-time assistance from the previous CMS provider. We also recognized that the user interface was not up to the mark for modern-day information consumption. Additionally, the backend content management interface was also not in line with modern user experience expectations.”

The CDO Magazine team articulated these main challenges to the Quintype team during the preliminary discussion call.

Quintype is renowned for its years of expertise in delivering successful AI-driven editorial solutions globally and accepted the challenge presented by the CDO Magazine team. At Quintype, we adhere to the principle that every customer reigns supreme and are committed to providing unparalleled service. This commitment is exemplified in the case of CDO Magazine, which has experienced a remarkable surge in user count and organic traffic following its transition to Quintype.

CDO Magazine: The community voice for data leaders

CDO Magazine grew out of the annual Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ), founded in 2007 by the MIT Sloan School of Management, in partnership with the International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO) and ComSpark. The vision and mission of the publication is to be the premier global digital publication giving voice to global executives in strategic data, analytics, AI and security roles.

The publication delivers C-suite-worthy format and quality content — insights essential to accelerating organizational adoption of enterprise disciplines that are key to success in today’s digital society. It aims to help data, analytics, AI and security executives experience a more profound sense of community through a platform where the best ideas, innovations, companies and leaders are celebrated. CDO Magazine has CDO Forums in cities, countries and regions around the world.

With an audience approaching 400,000 readers, the publication is read in 95% of countries globally. Notably, the CDO Magazine Editorial Board is composed of leading executives from 26 nations.

The decision to approach Quintype

CDO Magazine is acclaimed for its premium content delivery. The platform necessitates a high-caliber page builder that enhances the presentation of its articles to ensure a flawless user experience. The goal is to elevate content delivery, facilitating a more intuitive and seamless navigation for readers.

Navigating the obstacles

This strategic shift to Quintype aimed to improve workflow management, provide a better UI experience, restore loyal user growth and reinforce the platform's market position.

CDO Magazine selected two of the industry-trending Quintype products: “BOLD,” the AI-powered newsroom CMS solution, and “Ahead,” our no-code website builder. The news CMS has effortlessly accommodated the escalating demands for content creation. The no-code website builder has elevated user satisfaction, expanding the user base.

Additionally, Quintype ensured that technical support was on time for a seamless service. We offer round-the-clock support, guaranteeing that digital publishers fully leverage our advanced solutions.

We exclusively assigned a dedicated technical support specialist to the brand for four months. Subsequently, we guaranteed uninterrupted technical support at all times. CDO Magazine is delighted with our technical support team.

Success beyond barriers

Quintype commits to delivering success in measurable outcomes. CDO Magazine’s pageviews have skyrocketed by 60%. The number of monthly active users has doubled, indicating a significant increase in user engagement. Moreover, the organization has positioned itself as a premium content provider in the data analytics niche, marking a substantial upturn.

"Our experience with Quintype has been transformative, particularly in overcoming the hurdles we encountered with technical support, CMS and poor user interface. Thanks to Quintype, which has streamlined our workflow, we've seen a marked improvement in users after Quintype. Their 24/7, relentless technical support is highly appreciable." — Abid Hussain Barlaskar, managing editor, CDO Magazine

At the forefront of the newsroom revolution

Quintype recognizes the rapid pace of the news industry; thus, we commit to promptly addressing and resolving every issue, ensuring swift and practical solutions. "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support CDO Magazine with our solutions," said Chirdeep Shetty, CEO of Quintype, who expressed the team’s commitment to success.

Digital publishing platforms necessitate a specialized CMS explicitly designed to meet the urgent demands of the news industry. Quintype is committed to providing AI-powered newsroom solutions, ensuring publishers remain up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

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