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Protecmedia showcases AI-based solutions at World Media News 2023 Congress in Taipei, Taiwan



During the 74th edition of World News Media News Congress, Protecmedia, a leader in technological solutions for media companies, presented its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions from June 28-30. The event, held in Taipei, Taiwan, brought together leaders from media companies worldwide and featured prominent figures from the industry, including representatives from various Asian countries, Africa, the Middle East, India and others.

The World News Media Congress, organized by WAN-IFRA and presided over by Fernando de Yarza, who is also the president of Grupo HENNEO, is the most significant annual event for the media industry. Over three days, the Congress addressed key challenges facing the media industry in the current media landscape, including the rise of misinformation, the emergence of new players, and disruptive technologies transforming media workflows.

Protecmedia, mindful of the challenges faced by media companies in the digital era, has focused its efforts to meet the demands of Newsroom 3.0 in three fundamental areas: process automation, elimination of repetitive tasks, and seeking processes that enhance the product offered to readers — reliable information. To achieve these goals, the use of AI-based technologies is essential.

The company showcased several innovative solutions that can help newsrooms reduce time spent on minor and repetitive tasks, freeing up space for research, creativity and intuition in the creation of high-quality journalistic products.

Among the solutions presented were:

Website Personalization through A/B testing: Leveraging big data and advanced AI, Protecmedia enables personalized content display for each user based on their interests, thereby enhancing the reader's experience and increasing web traffic.

Automatic Video Analysis: The growing importance of videos in news requires tools that allow newsrooms to extract key data from video content and perform relevant content analysis and automated tagging.

Intelligent Management of Multimedia Files: Newsrooms face the challenge of managing a vast amount of multimedia files, including photos, videos, documents, etc. With an AI-based digital asset management system, Protecmedia facilitates file classification, search and quick access.

Automatic Audio Interview Transcription: The increasing popularity of podcasts has made audio interview transcription essential for journalists. Protecmedia offers an AI-based solution that automatically transcribes audio content, making it easily indexable and accessible for the entire editorial team. Additionally, the tool generates a well-structured draft with interview format, press conference format or appearance format, depending on the type of audio or video.

Layout Design Assistants: For print newspapers that remain essential in certain markets, Protecmedia presents AIDA, an Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant technology that automates the layout of printed publications based on content already published on the web, enabling designers and journalists to be more creative and meet tight print deadlines.

According to Herbert Kolling, CBDO of Protecmedia, "The Asian market is an area of great potential for us due to the large number and quality of media companies and the persistent demand for printed editions with wide circulation and high acceptance."

At the event, attendees from various parts of the world emphasized the importance of automated layout and process optimization to enhance efficiency in newsrooms. These AI solutions are not exclusive to major media groups; they are available to media companies of all sizes, democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies and contributing to the dissemination of accurate and verified information.

Protecmedia remains committed to driving the evolution of newsrooms into a new era, helping media companies overcome challenges in today's media landscape with AI-based solutions that promote efficiency, accuracy, and quality in content production.

About Protecmedia:

Protecmedia is a prominent technology company for media companies that offers innovative AI-based solutions to drive digital transformation in newsrooms and improve the quality of news content. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Protecmedia has been recognized globally for its commitment to excellence and innovation.

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