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Protecmedia's IA Day event triumphs in its inaugural edition

  • Protecmedia's IA Day addressed the real uses of AI in newsrooms and its legal challenges.
  • The team of experts from Protecmedia and Irene Lanzaco, director of AMI, presented the opportunities of AI for journalism and its legal challenges at IA Day.

Protecmedia, a leading technology company specializing in media solutions, is celebrating the resounding success of its first IA Day. The event, dedicated to exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offered by its solutions for the media industry, brought together experts in Artificial Intelligence, opinion leaders, media innovation managers and key users.

IA Day, held on June 14, proved to be an extraordinary gathering to learn about the latest advances in AI technology and its transformative impact on media organizations.

Attendees were privileged to hear from a number of experts who shared their insights and experiences in applying AI solutions in newsrooms:

Quay DAM:

  • Computer vision: face and logo recognition
  • Speech to text: interviews transcriptions
  • OCR: content recognition from labels
  • Similar images
  • Open AI: text formatting
  • Semantic intelligence (NLP): entity, name and meta tag extraction

Iter CMS:

  • Automatic photo framing
  • Recommended contents
  • Integration with CHAT GPT (Open AI):
  • Brainstorming of headlines
  • Automatic summaries
  • Refrain
  • SEO optimization
  • Automatic recognition of entities and persons

Print automation (Aida):

The Artificial Intelligence Assistant that automates the print layout from the content published on your website.

  1. It reads your web content
  2. It restates the content for print
  3. It creates a print layout in seconds

In addition, it was a meeting conducive to gaining a general understanding of the possibilities of AI for journalism, knowledge sharing and networking.

The day ended with a round table on the legal challenges of the use of Artificial Intelligence for the media. Experts in technological legislation took part to reflect on these issues:

  • Irene Lanzaco, managing director, Asociación de Medios de Información
  • Vicente Arias, partner and head of tech media and entertainment law, Eversheds Sutherland Spain
  • Blanca Escribano, head of digital law, EY Law
  • Moderator: Maria Arenas, CMO, Protecmedia

Arenas said, "The innovations and experiences exchanged throughout the day showed the immense potential of AI to revolutionize the media landscape. We are proud to have built a forum where professionals could come together to learn from real uses of AI in newsrooms and reflect on the legal challenges they bring."

Protecmedia expressed its gratitude to all the participants, speakers and organizers who contributed to the success of IA Day, and who created an environment of inspiration and innovation.

Beyond this IA Day, Protecmedia remains committed to supporting the media in embracing AI and harnessing its power to shape the future of the industry.

About Protecmedia:

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