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Protecmedia launches the definitive suite for Newsroom 3.0

  • Journalism’s challenges continue to multiply the media's need to rely on the latest technological advances.
  • Newsroom 3.0 has three fundamental pillars: the automation of processes, the elimination of repetitive tasks and the search for new processes.

Protecmedia, the Spanish technology company that specializes in editorial solutions for the media, keeps revolutionizing the publishing sector and offers the most complete suite of solutions for Newsroom 3.0. Technology has always been important to the evolution of journalism; new challenges have multiplied the need for the media to rely on the latest advances.

The main objective of Newsroom 3.0 is to ensure that those who participate in the information process can dedicate their talent, passion and energy toward creating the best product. Writing 3.0 has three fundamental pillars: the automation of processes, the elimination of repetitive tasks and the search for new processes aimed at this improvement; this is where Protecmedia's technology demonstrates its full potential.

MDXP solutions provide different tools to satisfy these three main pillars:

  • Personalized sites: The knowledge that the medium has about the audience is applied to create a personalized user experience. The technology shows each user personalized content according to his or her interests. This is a fundamental tool to increase readers' loyalty.
  • A/B testing allows process automation: Through this tool, media are able to launch experiments that automate the entire trial and error process to produce content that combines the title, subtitle and picture that will offer the best performance, increasing the number of visits to articles.
  • Quay, an Intelligent DAM: Thousands of different files are handled in newsrooms (PDF, Word, Excel, photographs, etc.) and the management of this data consumes resources and time. This tool makes it possible to simplify these tasks and reduce execution times. Through this tool, media outlets can introduce a file into the system, index all the texts automatically and generate meta tags that help organize the documents.

In addition, with this solution, media have the ability to exploit their historical archive to offer it, through e-commerce, both to curious individuals and to information companies, producers and more.

  • Speech to text: With this tool, automatically transcribe all the content of an audio file to a text file. In this way, all the audio content will be available and accessible, in a simple way, for the entire newsroom, at all times.
  • AIVA: It is becoming more and more common that videos become the nucleus of the news. Newsrooms need to be equipped with tools that allow them to automatically extract data from videos, and to facilitate their labeling and content analysis. AIVA — Artificial Intelligence Video Analysis — analyzes videos and photos through artificial intelligence. Just like with audio files, this makes it easy for anyone to find any archived video in seconds.
  • Connecting the printed world and the digital world: AIDA  — Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant — is a technology that allows the automation of the layout of printed publications from content that has already been published on the web. It is a definitive design assistant.

About Protecmedia:

Protecmedia is a Spanish company that specializes in software development for news media. It has more than 40 years of international experience in more than 26 countries around the world. It proposes integrated solutions that cover editorial, audience and advertising processes. More information is available at:


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