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Black Hills Pioneer, of Seaton Publishing, switches to NewsXtreme Cloud


Presteligence, partnered with Kodak, is thrilled to welcome Black Hills Pioneer as the newest customer of NewsXtreme Cloud. This collaboration underscores Presteligence's dedication to empowering publishers with cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet their evolving needs.

Black Hills Pioneer, a publication under Seaton Publishing, transitioned its prepress workflow software to NewsXtreme Cloud. This shift promises enhanced capabilities and streamlined operations for the family-owned media company serving the Black Hills region of South Dakota and Wyoming.

The decision to switch to NewsXtreme Cloud was propelled by Black Hills Pioneer's need to replace outdated and unsupported ECRM hardware and software. This hardware upgrade to Kodak Trendsetters laid the foundation for a seamless software integration with NewsXtreme Cloud, facilitating a smooth transition for the publication.

A key focus during the configuration process was the optimization of fanout. "They were excited about being able to properly do fanout, where before they were doing a kind of shift. They were also very happy that we actually helped them and will cowith plate configs, scaling and the RIP," according to Presteligence Project Manager, Nathan Wodzisz. NewsXtreme's built-in fan-out anamorphically adjusts the image on a plate to compensate for the stretch in paper during the printing process. To ensure best registration and consistent quality, fan-out adjustment allows user-defined page adjustment, per plate template and per color.

The adoption of Ink-Miser Ink Optimization and PDF Corrector within the NewsXtreme Cloud system will give Black Hills Pioneer an edge when saving on ink. Ink-Miser automatically replaces areas of cyan, magenta and yellow with an equivalent amount of black ink, resulting in significant savings in ink consumption. PDF Corrector, a versatile tool designed to streamline pre-press operations, will automatically rectify RGB images, conduct preflight checks, apply targeted touch-ups and optimize file sizes based on publication requirements, ensuring enhancements to the workflow efficiency and output quality for the publication. Ink-Miser and PDF Corrector come standard with NewsXtreme Cloud service.

Black Hills Pioneer owner, Scott Lister, expressed excitement of having NewsXtreme Cloud technology as an asset.

"Our entire team here at the newspaper is excited to have this technology and we look forward to what this will mean to the success of our overall operation for years to come. Thank you for helping out the newspaper industry."

Scott Lister, owner/operator, Black Hills Pioneer

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions provided by Presteligence, Black Hills Pioneer is set to elevate its production capabilities, streamline operations and deliver enhanced value to its audience.

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