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Presteligence implements rapid installation of NewsXtreme Cloud for Nor Dak North Publications


Presteligence, an industry leading software developer and innovator, announces Nor Dak North Publications, based in Garrison, North Dakota, becomes the latest user to choose NewsXtreme Cloud.

Under the agreement with Presteligence and Kodak, the Garrison print site will be the first site to join the NewsXtreme Cloud service, with other print sites to come online soon. Publisher of the group Kelsey Majeske reached out to the Presteligence/Kodak team about a hard down legacy workflow that needed replacement.

The solution is NewsXtreme Cloud

NewsXtreme Cloud gives the Nor Dak team a cloud-based, fully automated workflow solution, eliminating the stress of security threats, maintenance and required IT resources.

Bob Behringer, president of Presteligence, noted: “We presented the solution to Kelsey and her team, and within 48 hours we had plates on press.”

In addition to NewsXtreme Cloud, Nor Dak North Publications also receives Ink-Miser Ink Optimization and PDF Corrector.

Ink-Miser automatically replaces areas of cyan, magenta and yellow with an equivalent amount of black ink, saving up to 30% of ink consumption. PDF Corrector provides advanced preflight inspection and reporting of common problems such as embedded fonts, color space usage, minimum text size and image resolution conflicts.

Majeske expressed excitement about the new workflow:

"I am very impressed and grateful for the quick response and turnaround in getting NewsXtreme up and running. The training was quick, and staff were helpful and present throughout the entire process. The new system is much more user-friendly and efficient, as well as easy to use. We went from our 20-year-old rip system to NewsXtreme and are productive using the program after just one day of training."

Kelsey Majeske, publisher

Continued success

With the installation of NewsXtreme Cloud, Ink-Miser and PDF Corrector, Nor Dak North Publications has the tools it needs to succeed now and into the future. Presteligence, in partnership with Kodak, has proven again that NewsXtreme Cloud continues to be the premiere choice for cloud-based prepress production workflow solutions.

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