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Media company in Ghana to use My News 360 from Presteligence


Presteligence, an industry leading software developer and innovator, announces Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL), a state-owned registered media company in Ghana with dominance in the print media, will utilize My News 360 for content management and editorial page production.

GCGL's system will support six publications, including its flagship newspaper, The Daily Graphic, which commands the largest readership base in the country. My News 360 replaces the manual efforts the staff endures day in and day out to distribute their content to multiple channels.

Staff writes stories in the hosted text editor where they are edited, tagged and approved. Stories can then be used for print and also made available via RSS feeds to populate their website and mobile app. For print, product schedules are created by indicating the number of sections, pages and assigned page templates. This plan is where designers open Adobe InDesign to build and paginate the paper by dragging and dropping story content into pre-configured story templates hosted in CC Libraries. Ads can be manually placed or can auto-flow to the page.

Being 100% hosted, My News 360 allows staff to work remotely without VPN and still have access to all the necessary files.

More info on My News 360 can be found here.