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Newspaper groups can win high school sports with My Team Scoop


Presteligence's My Team Scoop service gives publishers the tools to do more with less.

1 - Cluster newspapers under a combined platform
Almost all publishers using My Team Scoop as their high school sports platform are doing so under a separate brand dedicated to sports.  Many times, it's for a group of regionalized newspapers, like and They either created or already had a brand/logo that focused on high school sports.  The sites separately use the new website and mobile app and/or embed the scores, stats and standings on their primary sites.

2 - New branding provides a marketing buzz
Let your marketing team take over with a new look and design geared toward athletics.  Target students with a Tik Tok campaign, Instagram contests and share on Facebook for the parents to see.  Our guidebook gives you tons of ideas.

3 - Monetize it differently
Without legacy rate cards to follow, the sky's the limit on ways to sell high school sports — some examples our customers are selling: sitewide sponsors, team sponsors and story theme sponsors.  Go as far as making it a competition among the group of newspapers under the platform.

4 - Eliminate duplicate coverage
Rather than having two reporters covering the same event, scores, stats and standings are updated for both teams with half the effort.  Stories are easily shared and edited among the portals to fit the audience.  Box scores can be exported as many times as needed for reverse publishing of games in print.

5 - Use coverage tools for online, real-time updates
With the potential of limited fan attendance, keep your audience in the loop with real-time updates during games.  The Game Tracker gives a detailed account of each play of the game while the commentary tool points fans to your site rather than social media.  Score update notifications push the information to their devices so they are always in the know.  The system is flexible enough to embed code of live video feeds within the site as well.

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