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Sparta Newspapers to use NewsXtreme Cloud


Presteligence has announced that Sparta Newspapers, located in Sparta, Tennessee, will use NewsXtreme Cloud for the printing and production of The Expositor.

Having used NewsXtreme since 2016, transitioning to NewsXtreme was a logical next step as the paper's hardware became outdated.

"It was either buy a new server or switch to the cloud. Switching to the cloud was more economical and relieves us from having to maintain the hardware," according to Kim Wood, editor and graphic designer.

Sparta Newspapers will run the same configuration the staff was accustomed to with the standalone NewsXtreme system, but all the pages will be ripped in the cloud. Plate Tiffs will be FTP'd to their local CTP device.

NewsXtreme Cloud includes PDF preflight with automated correction, page pairing and imposition, load-balanced rips and ink optimization.

For more information, contact Denise Franken, 330-305-6960, ext. 500, or