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Unlock your publication's revenue potential with PopMount


Are you looking to increase the revenue of your publication?  Do you want to partner with a company that is publisher focused?  If so, PopMount may be exactly what you need. PopMount is a strategic media partner that specializes in turning your publication’s content into keepsakes and products that will generate additional revenue for years to come. Let’s take a closer look at how PopMount can help unlock your publication’s potential.

PopMount offers several solutions to help publications create new revenue streams:

  • 40% revenue share
  • E-Commerce Stores: Revenue Share, White Label
  • Wholesale Purchasing: Discounted rates, sell directly to your customers
  • Photo Portals:  Revenue Share, sell staff photos from articles, galleries and more
  • Obituary Package Program:  Memorial Keepsakes adding obituary package value
  • Custom Partnerships: Developing partnerships for your unique needs

All of these services are designed to make it easy for publications to convert their content into memorable products.  Whether it’s an article, award, photo or obituary, you can turn anything into a keepsake with PopMount.  Plus, you stop third-party companies from selling your content without your permission and keep your contents revenue stream.

PopMount also offers a variety of product options so that customers have plenty of choices when selecting the perfect keepsake. From wood, acrylic, rosewood and crystal plaques to banners, archival prints, decals and digital keepsakes, there’s something for everyone. Plus, all of our products are high-quality and designed with longevity in mind — meaning that people can treasure your publication’s content for years to come!

Finally, we understand that every publication has different needs when it comes to integrating our services into their existing teams and platforms. That’s why we offer integrations tailored specifically for each client, including manufacturing, fulfillment, customer service and more — ensuring that PopMount works as seamlessly as possible within your publication.

Unlocking the potential of your publication doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive — especially with the help of PopMount! As a strategic media partner focused on creating additional revenue streams for publications through tangible keepsakes, we provide several ways for you to make the most out of your content.  With our quality products and tailored integrations, you can easily offer any article, award, staff photo or obituary into keepsakes that readers will cherish forever!

So, if you want a straightforward way to start increasing your revenue today — contact us at PopMount! We would love nothing more than helping unlock the potential of your publication!

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