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This year, 2024, is a milestone for the PAGE Cooperative, as we celebrate our 40th year in support of publishers, printers, suppliers and the industry as a whole.

My name is Kevin Craig and in January I was appointed as the CEO of the PAGE Cooperative. 

After three decades working alongside newspapers, I remain committed to addressing the collective challenges and opportunities in front of us.  I am honored to be granted the trust of the board and the membership to lead our Cooperative forward in this, our anniversary year. 

With full backing from the board, one of the first actions I took was to reiterate and increase PAGE’s support for America’s Newspapers.  As an industry, we understand how important it is to seek and ensure funding for our newsgathering operations.  This is where the PAGE Cooperative has and will continue to play a crucial role. 

As a refresher, PAGE was founded 40 years ago, as a member-owned, not-for-profit, to level the purchasing playing field for independent newspaper publishers and printers.  By cooperating with each other, publishers were able to obtain more favorable pricing and terms from key suppliers.  In doing so, members also receive dividends and rebates in return for their purchases.  Our suppliers receive the positive benefits from PAGE affiliation through loyal purchasing and reduced administration costs. 

The PAGE mission has remained the same … fostering a win-win partnership between longstanding suppliers and the committed PAGE membership.  With that said, it is an appropriate time during this anniversary year for a re-charge. 

During my career, I have had the pleasure of working with many of our current members and partners.  This re-charge now provides an opportunity for PAGE to refresh and revitalize these connections while making new ones.   

As we begin the year, you will be seeing more of PAGE at industry events.  I will be available at any time to take actions that will move the Cooperative forward with our members and partners in a spirit of Win-Win.  Equally important at this time of change in our industry, PAGE will seek opportunities with new products and solutions for the Cooperative that address future trends and revenue opportunities. 

In the coming months, I intend to acknowledge our 40 years in positive fashion, without resting on what’s been achieved.  I also hope to shine a brighter light on PAGE Cooperative within the publishing industry.  To that end:

  • If you are a current member of PAGE, please expect that I will reach out to you and listen in the coming months.
  • If you are a former or prospective member of PAGE, you can anticipate that I will pitch and promote the value of joining us. 
  • If you are a current PAGE supplier, be assured that we value your partnership and will seek ways of improving and growing it together.
  • If you are a prospective partner, I look forward to introducing you to the benefits of supporting the PAGE membership.

In 2024 and beyond, working together will be even more critical than ever before.  The PAGE Cooperative will continue to play a vital role in supporting our industry with financial benefits that help fund our newsgathering operations.

I look forward to re-connecting with you and seeing what we can do together. 

For more information on services and membership, visit  Alternatively, contact Kevin Craig, CEO of PAGE Cooperative at