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Turn to PAGE at the end of the year


During this time of the year, many of us experience the joy of giving and receiving, so I wanted to add to that by reminding our PAGE members and prospective members about our message of savings and dividends.

Part of holiday rituals is preparing lists for gift giving and writing out our New Year’s resolutions as we turn the calendar to 2024.  Therefore, my holiday wish list is that our members and prospective members turn to PAGE so they can confirm where they could save money and accumulate dividends for their purchases next year.

PAGE makes it easy to check savings with a digital catalog of preferred partners to see if one of your current suppliers is partnering with the Cooperative.  If you are buying from any of these companies but not being billed through PAGE, then you may not be receiving the best pricing, and you are not receiving dividends for these purchases. 

PAGE, therefore, suggests we make a mutual resolution by helping examine your costs to ensure that you receive optimal pricing with an Operational Savings Review, which begins with a brief 15-minute phone call.   If you prefer, we can check your current pricing information under confidentiality terms because, as your Cooperative, we work as your adviser and in your best interests in 2024 and beyond. 

If you are not currently a PAGE member, we also conduct this review and check how much you could save and the dividends you could receive by joining your fellow publishers in PAGE. 

It brings great joy to PAGE after the holidays to add up the purchases, estimate the savings, and calculate the dividends we deliver to our members.  Therefore, we encourage you to take this step and engage with PAGE for savings and dividends. 

Our complete list of partners can be found in our Digital Partner Directory —

Here is the link to sign up for a 15-minute call, and we will email you a brief questionnaire to complete that will help us prepare for the call.

We wish our members and prospective members a very happy and healthy holiday season.

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