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Grow your dividend check


Whether you are a member-owner of the PAGE Cooperative or considering applying for membership, I wish to highlight a very valuable benefit.  Namely, your dividend check and increased equity at the end of each year from your purchases through PAGE.

PAGE partners with over 70 preferred companies in our key supply publishing sectors, including new vital areas of Digital Revenue, Insurance Advisory and IT Security. Each of these companies provides PAGE members with favorable pricing, outstanding support and informational webinars to optimize the value in working with them. 

In addition, your PAGE Membership will accrue the purchasing value from your orders from these partners, which is returned as a dividend and increased equity at the end of the year.  The more you spend, the greater the dividend.

You are likely to be working with many of these PAGE partners and we have made it very easy to check your current list of suppliers to see if they are part of the PAGE Preferred Partner program. 

We have digitized this six-page partner directory, which is readable on your phone, your desktop or laptop.  This directory is easily searched by either the name of the supplier or the category: Circulation, Ink, Plates, Newsprint, etc. 

This link can be accessed by anyone in your organization.  If you send them this link, they can check and see if you could be growing your dividend check and equity today.

The PAGE staff can also discuss your operational needs and connect you with the right vendors that can save you money.  We have set up a calendar invite to make it easy to engage with PAGE.  See the calendar invite here —

Publishers who are not currently members, can use the same calendar invite to take a fresh look at the significant savings that buying through the PAGE Cooperative brings.

I will be attending the Mega-Conference in Dallas on April 2-4 and look forward to meeting our members and potential members there.

For more information on services and membership visit, Or, contact Gary Blakeley, CEO of PAGE Cooperative, at