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PAGEone newsletter goes digital


PAGEone is the newsletter for the PAGE Cooperative and distributed to our 450 newspaper members and preferred partners. Published twice a year, the newsletter has valuable information about cost savings and contacts to buy those products through PAGE.

As PAGE is now promoting more solutions to our members for digital applications, including published editions, digital marketing and digital advertising, we wanted our PAGEOne newsletter to reflect the benefits and future applications for digital.

The PAGEOne digital newsletter will now be published four times per year. Articles about the work of the Cooperative, Member News, Preferred Partner solutions and Contact information will be accessible at any time from any location.

This is because the newsletter is published in responsive design and accessible through a URL link displayed in the examples below on a smartphone and tablet, as well as a desktop.

View the newsletter HERE

PAGEOne can now be read on your phone and bookmarked for easy access. Article content and industry contacts can be rapidly searched and presented in article level size for easy viewing. Archived editions of earlier newsletters will be available and relevant articles can be easily shared with other departments. Text to Speech, Language Translation and Key Word Search are all contained in this advanced product. Readers of the newsletter will no longer have to write down or remember an article or the contact information for someone at PAGE when you want to check prices. It is right at your fingertips through your smartphone which makes the PAGEOne newsletter a valuable business tool to save money.

For those not familiar, PAGE is a not-for-profit Cooperative founded in 1984 and owned by its publishing and commercial printing members. PAGE provides newspapers and commercial printers collective strength to negotiate pricing and obtain services. Cooperative membership also simplifies billing and returns PAGE members with dividend payments at the end of each fiscal year.

For more information on services and membership visit, Or, contact Gary Blakeley, CEO of PAGE Cooperative, at