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Taking a bite out of your budget — through cost savings


Things are looking up as we emerge from the pandemic.  First there is the positive news which we are now reporting in our publications, our readership is outdoors again and spending money, and our advertisers are coming back. 

At the same time, it is budget season and time to look ahead.  We all understand that the best leaders look for ways of saving money in good times as well as in challenging times. 

This month our PAGE solution is a reminder to those leaders to look back to PAGE for ways of saving money and leveraging strength in numbers. 

PAGE has those numbers as it is owned by its 450+ members who leverage the negotiation power of the Cooperative to obtain the best pricing available for your budgeting while you storm back in this recovery. 

With the current environment, which includes increasing commodities costs, higher shipping rates and other concerns beyond your local control paired with the recovery from the pandemic, this year’s budget season may sometimes seem like a “Mission: Impossible” episode.  However, PAGE is here to help as you embark on your own Mission this year.  Whether you are a current member or considering membership, knowledge is power when it comes to prices.

PAGE has established a path for members and non-members to check their prices as we enter the budgetary season, as we understand that budgeting is a crucial activity.

PAGE is the not-for-profit Cooperative founded in 1984 and owned by its membership.  PAGE’s Mission is to provide buying power to its members in their procurement process through volume discounting.  PAGE also simplifies the accounts payable process as the primary billing agent and payor in the vendor-purchaser relationship.  Namely, PAGE pays your vendor to terms while you process your AP to PAGE.

Lastly, PAGE pays dividends to its members sending a payment to members based on individual annual purchases and the total purchases by members through the Cooperative.  So, the value to members is not only what is saved at the beginning but what is also returned at the end.

To calculate how you would benefit,  jump over to our site to complete a simple online form at and we can explore what your membership can save you in your budget this year.

For more information, contact Gary Blakeley, CEO of PAGE Cooperative, at