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3 steps that publishers can take to improve their bottom line

“Benefits of Membership” is a phrase we all see across many service industries where rewards and extra benefits are received for spending and loyalty.  Those benefits can come from credit cards, hotels and airline miles or even our Amazon and Starbucks accounts.   

Our publishing industry also stresses member rewards and loyalty by encouraging their subscribers to use all the services and benefits of their newspaper subscription.

At PAGE Cooperative, we note that many PAGE members do not use all their benefits, particularly for cost savings.  Therefore, we have launched a three-step solution to provide our members an easier path to access these benefits and immediately improve their bottom line by calculating savings.

For those not familiar, PAGE is a not-for-profit Cooperative founded in 1984 and owned by its publishing and commercial printing members.  PAGE was created to give independent papers collective strength to negotiate pricing and obtain services.  Cooperative membership also simplified billing and returned PAGE members with dividend payments at the end of each fiscal year.

As we emerge from the pandemic, PAGE has adopted the theme of Stronger Together.  We want our members and future members to “maximize their membership” through a 3-Step Plan to Investigate, Calculate and Initiate to immediately save money and increase their equity. 

Step One – Investigate

Whether a member or non-member, the PAGE Cooperative website — — is a valuable resource to check what products and solutions can be purchased through PAGE at discounted prices.  It is easy to register and investigate solutions that are available, including newsprint, ink, plates, digital and many other services.  

Step Two – Calculate

PAGE has set up a portal where members can check to see if they are receiving the optimal pricing for the products and services they are currently purchasing.  Go to and we will perform a confidential review to calculate your savings by buying through PAGE.

PAGE will also estimate the end of fiscal year dividend return you will receive by purchasing through the Cooperative. This amount is a direct result of the quantity of members who are stronger together and make their purchases through PAGE.  The more a member purchases through PAGE, the larger the dividends returned. 

Step 3 – Initiate

Once publishers review the estimated savings and end-of-fiscal-year dividend checks, they can choose to act and thereby maximize their membership, and strengthen their Cooperative.

As we emerge from one of the most challenging times in our history, and a time which has particularly been tough on our publishing industry, there is strength in unity, and there is strength in numbers.

For more information, contact Gary Blakeley, CEO of PAGE Cooperative, at

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