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Our-Hometown announces updates to Audio Articles Playlist with new features for listeners


Recently, Our-Hometown announced our brand new Audio Articles Playlist feature, allowing listeners the ability to tune in to entire playlists of Audio Articles rather than just a single article at a time. With this feature, listeners can find playlists for the Latest Audio Articles,  This Week’s or Last Week’s News, as well as playlists for each individual article category.

We’ve now released our first update for Audio Articles Playlist, which adds buttons next to each Article and Category Heading to quickly launch visitors into the appropriate playlist player.

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In other news, Our-Hometown has released a small but powerful update that allows publishers to manually send out Push Notifications to their iOS or Android App users from the website at any time.

This new, manual approach allows publishers to be much more selective with the type of content they push out to their mobile application users, as well as with what time their notifications are sent out.

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