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An optimized mobile experience at Our-Hometown


Since you work in the newspaper industry, you’re probably already aware that most web traffic is now coming from mobile devices. The switch to mobile has been an internet-wide trend throughout the 2010s. However, our latest statistics show just how dramatic this shift has been over even the past couple of years.

According to our platform-wide statistics, in 2018, our websites saw nearly 80% of online traffic coming from traditional desktop computers, with only 8% coming from mobile devices & smartphones, and another 12% coming from tablets or other in-between devices.

Fast-forward to today. Last year, in 2020, our websites had just 34% of online traffic come from traditional desktop computers, while a whopping 60% came from mobile devices and smartphones. A mere 6% came from tablets or other in-between devices.

This dramatic shift really drives home the importance of making sure your website is presentable on mobile devices. Fortunately, Our-Hometown has you covered in that respect!

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