Order customized sales materials for your local market, based on Local Newspaper Study

Cost is just $250 for members; $350 for non-members


Newspapers in every local market now have the chance to get fresh, customized sales materials using the results from America’s Newspapers 2023 Local Newspaper Study, conducted by Coda Ventures.

Each sales sheet will be personalized to your market, using your data in combination with results from the national study.  These materials will help position your organization for sales success in your market and help your sales teams show the power and reach of your organization for advertisers. 

What you’ll receive: 

Market Profile
An overview of your market’s size and composition, including key market demographics.

Audience Profile
Your total audience delivery across print and digital platforms, including your reach of the consumers that advertisers most want. Plus, the importance of newspaper advertising and the role it plays in consumers' buying decisions.  See a sample of the sales sheets here!

Ad Category Sales Sheets
Individual sales sheets that are customized for your 10 most important advertising categories. They will feature the total number of potential buyers in your market for specific products and services, as well as your newspaper’s print and digital reach of that target audience. Plus, how newspapers deliver for advertisers versus other local media competitors.  See a list of available advertising categories here!

Personalized Sales Sheets
Each sales sheet is personalized with the contact information for up to five sales executives (name, title, phone and email).

Custom Sales Training
Personalized training session with the team from Coda Ventures and America’s Newspapers to review the sales sheet and learn how to use them to maximize success for your sales and marketing teams.

How to get your custom sales sheets:

Simply provide the following information to Greg Watson, CMO at America’s Newspapers, at gwatson@newspapers.org:

  • Your newspaper logo (jpeg, png, tiff or pdf format)
  • The ZIP codes where your printed newspaper is distributed
  • Any available audience metrics, including:
    • Print circulation by ZIP code (list or spreadsheet)
    • Number of monthly visitors to your website (total visitors)
    • Number of social media followers (across all social channels)
    • Number of mobile app subscribers
    • Number of email newsletter subscribers
    • Number of podcast listeners
  • The advertising categories that you want featured (basic package includes 10 categories, additional categories are available on request)  See advertising categories here.
  •  The contact information that will appear on each sales sheet (name, title, phone, email address.)

Download this sales sheet checklist.

What it costs:

Each sales package is created specifically for your market.  Cost for members of America’s Newspapers is only $250, including the marketing analysis, 10 advertising categories, customization for five sales executives and the individual training with Coda Ventures and America’s Newspapers.   Pricing for newspapers that are NOT members of America’s Newspapers is as low as $350.

Next Steps:

Provide the information above or address any questions to Greg Watson at gwatson@newspapers.org.