Oldest Spanish newspaper in the United States joins Empire State Local News Coalition

El Diario is among 150+ local newspapers advocating to save local news in New York


This week, El Diario Nueva York, the oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States, joined the Empire State Local News Coalition, a statewide advocacy group of more than 150 local news outlets advancing a legislative package that would deliver long-term sustainability to local journalism.

At the center of the coalition is the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, a bipartisan bill that provides tax credits to local news outlets for the employment of local news journalists. Tax credits would be provided against a portion of each employee’s salary, incentivizing outlets to hire new journalists and retain current ones. This benefit would be limited to print and online newspapers and broadcasters that cover local community news, ensuring that truly local news outlets will receive this assistance.

In an unprecedented front page editorial supporting the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, El Diario Nueva York wrote the bill “represents a significant opportunity for New York to lead by example, demonstrating a commitment to the values of free press and informed citizenship.”

The coalition launched at a watershed moment for the journalism industry when local newsrooms are closing nearly every week. New York State has experienced a 50% decrease in newspapers since 2005 and lost 30 more local newspapers in 2022 alone. Now, there is a growing number of communities with little to no access to local newspaper coverage — 13 New York counties are already considered news deserts. 

“As the oldest Spanish language paper in the United States, thousands of our Latino neighbors count on us to deliver the stories that matter most to them. But we are not immune to the existential challenges many local newspapers face,” said Iván Adaime, president f Impremedia, which publishes El Diario. “By joining the Empire State Local News Coalition and advocating for the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, El Diario is taking a proactive stance in ensuring that local journalism remains vibrant, diverse, and accessible to all New Yorkers.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome El Diario to our growing Coalition as we continue to push the Local Journalism Sustainability Act into the final state budget,” said Zachary Richner, founding member of the Empire State Local News Coalition. “Communities of all backgrounds are speaking up about the indispensable role of local news in safeguarding democracy and strengthening social ties. Together, we urge Albany to answer our calls to save local news.”

About the Empire State Local News Coalition:

Comprising over 150 print and online newspapers, the Empire State Local News Coalition launched in 2024 to advocate for sound public policy that ensures the important work of local news organizations can continue across New York state. Through our independent journalism, we aim to serve, inform, uplift and protect New Yorkers. We care deeply about our local communities as well as the future of New York’s free press. For more information, visit SaveNYLocalNews.com.