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Four publisher musts for 2023


As we enter 2023, the digital advertising landscape continues to be shaped by challenges and changing economic conditions. It's important for publishers to keep up with the latest trends to remain relevant to advertisers.

Here are four must-haves for advertisers in 2023:

Personalized products

To stand out in the increasing amount of digital advertising and extended ad exposure, personalized messages and utilizing the right channels will be essential in 2023. As tracking becomes harder, publishers and advertisers must adapt to the changing landscape, including more walled gardens. To help advertisers reach their performance goals, publishers need to adapt and help advertisers with personalized offers of first-party data and across channels to be successful.

A data strategy

The rise of walled gardens and limits on tracking have impacted display retargeting and third-party audiences. Publishers need to have a good data strategy in place and create new value propositions for advertisers. In the future, advertisers will rely on publishers not only for reach but also for good targeting options that they can't get elsewhere. Having a strong first-party data strategy will give publishers a competitive advantage in the 2023 advertising landscape.

Supporting SMB advertisers

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will make up about 61% of U.S. local media advertising spend in 2023. This trend shows the significant revenue potential for publishers who support this segment. Currently, many small advertisers are overlooked due to their little budgets. With changes such as personalization and video, publishers that have a scalable advertising solution can strategically help SMBs use the right channels with the right messages. By becoming the marketing partner for SMBs and capturing their advertising spend, publishers will see a high return on investment.

Investing in key ad technology

With rising costs and economic uncertainty, it's important to find ways to optimize ad operations. The ad tech market has grown significantly in recent years and now includes platforms for campaign booking, creative production, optimization and reporting. However, using more platforms can also lead to more complexity. This misses the point. In 2023, publishers should look for key technology that positively impacts overall operations, reduces costs and allows them to maintain high service levels for all sizes of clients.

Overall, these trends have one thing in common: publishers need to maintain their service levels and reach a wide range of customers to be successful. If they can do this, there's a significant upside in terms of revenue and market position. By adapting these techniques, publishers will succeed in 2023.

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