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Three ways to profit from SMB clients


We have heard it over and over again. Traditional advertising (print, radio, TV) is declining. The time of digital advertising is rising and clients are asking for it. Looking into the market, the solutions are there. Managed services and advanced platforms are providing the solutions publishers need to service their clients in the digital age. But there is a problem.

While these platforms or managed services are perfectly fitted to service large campaigns and high budgets, they are too expensive and still demand significant publisher ad ops staffing to serve the large percentage of SMB clients. At Nexta, we call this the >$5k problem. While the majority of publisher clients consists of advertisers with a monthly budget of less than $5k, they are not served properly with digital advertising solutions as it is too costly.

Can publishers afford to disregard the large SMB segment? In most cases no, which is why we created a digital advertising solution to activate SMB clients. Let’s have a look at how we do it.

1. No more working in different platforms

With an array of websites, social platforms and search engines the customer journey is as complex as ever. Advertisers must be present in as many places as possible to achieve the best possible return on investment.

But working in that many advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, DV 360, Facebook, TikTok etc. is expensive and painful and far from ideal when serving many SMBs with smaller budgets.

With Nexta’s omni-channel platform, we eliminate this pain and empower you to create campaigns across relevant channels in a few clicks and with ease. With less time and costs required to manage multiple platforms, you can focus your sales efforts on expanding their client portfolio.

2. Streamline and fast pace order-entry

Often times order-entry and order management are complicated and requires multiple teams, such as sales, ad ops, creative teams and campaign success teams.

This puts huge cost pressure on an organization and makes a transformation to digital difficult. A new solution, so simple to use, that everyone has the ability to book advertising campaigns without the need to include an array of other teams is needed.

With Nexta’s order management, automation and reporting, we’ve reduced the complexity of booking and handling digital campaigns. Our simple three-step booking flow makes it super easy to book campaigns enabling everyone to book campaigns no matter the prior knowledge. We are directly connected to the digital advertising eco-system, which enables our partners to fast pace order-entry, reduce operational costs up to 30% and minimize costly mistakes.

3. Performance marketing for your smaller campaigns

When running digital advertising campaigns, it is all about performance. Especially when running across different channels this becomes increasingly important as advertisers demand results and proven ROI from their trusted local media partners.

In practice, this often mean that managed services have a large body of performances managers optimizing campaigns. These are often great and necessary resources, but are costly, slow and not always great for serving >$5K budgets.

With Nexta’s smart AI-driven optimization engine (NeOO), your client campaigns are being optimized up to six times per day — every day and across all selected channels! Our team of engineers are constantly improving the performance algorithm, so our media partners can rest assured, that their campaigns always perform above market and better than their local competition.

The time is right for change

With the rapid transition to digital, it is the perfect time to start selling digital advertising solutions to your SMB clients. Nexta’s advertising solution enable our partners to do that from day one. We are excited to help publishers in shifting the SMBs advertising to digital and strengthen the position as a key marketing partner.

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